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  • Franz Nahrada
    May 19, 2013

    Dear Anna
    It was fascinating to read about your initiative in Yakutia. Especially, after having recently read John Vaillant’s book “The Tiger”.
    I live in a very different part of this beautiful planet, the Solomon Islands, where I sometimes work with rural communities and schools with ICT.  I feel that a thematic approach to technology integration can work well. For instance, here is a UNESCO project in which I played a small part, that developed an online environmental encyclopaedia in local language as a lesson resource, to promote the transfer of indigenous knowledge from the elders to the new generations. http://www.marovo.org/ and also by WikiEducator pages here
    My idea for collaboration is in relation to a couple of rural schools which I have recently helped to connect and end the complete isolation where previously students up to Year 12 had had no exposure to the Internet throughout their school lives. One of these schools (where I taught for two years in the 90s) is in a turtle conservation area, one of the most important in the Pacific. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to twin the schools with yours and see if cultural, digital exchanges using conservation as a theme could energise and empower them with their new facilities? I am sure the children of Yakutia would be as interested in the nature of the Pacific Islands as ours would be in yours. And especially me!

    David Leeming
    Solomon Islands Rural Link
    P.O.Box 652 Honiara, Solomon Islands
    +677 7476396 (m) +677 24419 (h)

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    Sent: Saturday, 18 May 2013 2:14 a.m.
    Subject: [ciresearchers] FW: [globalvillages] The letter from Yakutia (Siberia, Russia) [6 Attachments]

    I'm forwarding this with Anna's permission. It was originally sent to the global villages elist (and organization) maintained by our colleague and friend Franz Nahrada who has been doing extremely interesting community informatics related work with villages in Austria and central Europe for a very long time.
    Michael Gurstein

    Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 9:27 AM
    Subject: [globalvillages] The letter from Yakutia (Siberia, Russia) [6 Attachments]

    Dear initiative global villagers, 

    I am writing from Yakutia (Siberia, Russia). My name is Anna Nikolaeva. I guess you know Yakutia. 

    I work as a teacher of English in a small school. 

    Yakutia or Sakha Republic is a vast unexplored region of Siberia in the northeast of Russia. 

    Yakutia is one of rare places on Earth, where spaces of wild nature – mountains, rivers, lakes, forests (taiga), northern steppes (tundra). The total area of Yakutia is located in permafrost zone. The climate is sharply continental. Winters are extremely cold (down to -50-60C. In Oymyakon region where there temperatures have reached as low as -71,2 C. In January 1926. In summer the sub doesn’t set for many days, while in winter the Polar nights reigns there long, long months. In Yakutia there are 36 districts (villages). At present concentrates of tin, gold, platinum, silver, rare metals are exported from the republic abroad. Most nativers work in agriculture in its traditional branches in particular: reindeer-breeding, commercial hunting and fishing, live-stock-farming.  
    So, I study in part-time education in innovative management. At the University of Management by the President of Yakutia. 

    I admire about your project Global Villages Network by Franz Nahrada. Our first President of Yakutia Michail Efimovich Nikolaev said that: “It’s development agriculture and rural communities by way spreading agricultural cooperation and promoting project “Global Villages network” and development of international cooperation in our Republic”. I live in a small rural community of Yakutia. It’s called is Olenek. It lies in the Arctic Circle. I really want to develop my village and the villages of Yakutia. So, I write a diploma work (project) (at my University) about Global Villages network. We want to introduce this project in our Republic of the Sakha (Yakutia). And we have to show is it possible to try this project in Yakutia. Yakutia's territory is about 3 million square kilometers and the population only 1 million people. There are many small villages in Yakutia. This year devoted to development of village by decree of our President. They are needed to develop. Now I am searching about the examples, experience about the development villages by experience of Global Villages network.  Could you write about your experience, work, thoughts, wishes about Global villages network. What do you think that is it possible to do some projects in such cold weather like Yakutia? I think it’s possible. Plainly we need the enthusiastic people to develop these projects. And we want to cooperate with you and your team. Thank you for your answers. 

    I hope to cooperate with you and your project.

                                             Good Luck! 

                                                                          Anna from Yakutia (Siberia, Russia)