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4510The letter from Yakutia, my delay in answering, Future Week

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  • Franz Nahrada
    May 16, 2013
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      Dear Anna,
      Dear Globalvillagers!

      I was very happy having received your letter - and have to apologize for not yet having answered it.

      I am very glad I can show you and all Globalvillagers in the meantime some results and some harvest of the intense time that just lies behind us. We had - amongst others -  a "Monasteries of the Future" symposium in Melk and a "Future Week" in our Vienna Hotel, where we also produced a radio program in English for a Santa Cruz / San Francisco area station. My friends "Dr.Future" Allan Lundell and "Mrs.Future" Marian Sun Lundell produced a beautiful 80 minute feature that allowed me to lay out the ideas of the Global Villages Network in some depth.  Its also charming because there is very much background on the personal relations and the network of friendship evolving with our network. It connects quite a lot of dots that brought the whole thing about. And it soothes my nostalgia for those beautiful days in the Bay Area ...

      I hope to get questions, views and comments from at least some of you!
      And Anna, I value your letter very much and will of course write you soon ....