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4500sheap wool washing line

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  • Wael Al-Saad
    Mar 15, 2013
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      Dear friends,

      Palestine or land of Canaan is may be the word cradle of human-sheaps relationship. For many thousands of years people used all sheap products in sustainable way including wool. Even we have lot of sheaps now, in last 20 years people almost stopped using the wool, even they have to cut it. They prefer to through it away or burn it ..
      We thought this situation if offering an opportunity for good business. So last year we started shearing and collect wool and collect sheared wool by others trying to sell it to world wool market unwashed. This was a mistake. Wool have to be per-sellected and washed to be valuable for the industry.
      Now we want to construct wool washing line.
      Something like this

      for this system you need energy for heating water running in the pools and for running the drive and paddles instead of electrical energy.
      Any one have experience with high temperature solar collector who can run such mechanical drive?

      I am also looking for help in the mechanical constructing  of the whole line to do it locally.