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4495Re: [globalvillages] My house in the Lithuanian village

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  • Franz Nahrada
    Feb 9, 2013
      Hi Andrius,

      good to have a sign of life from you. If you are in the N├╝rnberg area there
      would be interesting contacts if you would be there longer.

      Regarding your new Lithuanian home and the now finally very practical perspective of village survival

      I see that all these homes are quite distant from each other, so in fact
      there are no quick advantages in scaling or shared infrastructure.

      anyway, since you have considerable amounts of Open Space why not consider something like this:

      maybe local businesses would like to explore and help.

      I am planning for an "Open Source Hardware Summit" this coming May in Vienna to further the exporation in business models based on shared knowledge and design.

      In fact why should local companies and communities around the world not pool their knowledge? Its always harder to stay on top.

      Also I want to draw your attention to the upcoming SOLAROOF COOP - Richard Nelson is seeking to network villages and initiatives around the world ....

      there are Interesting people like http://solaroof.org/wiki/Profiles/DaveHaaren  or Richard Hogan at Greenfire Farm

      ....as is Marcin and OSE. Now there are increasing links to biological farmers.

      it would be very interesting if yoou could organise a regular videobridge meeting between likeminded places to put your ingenuity together.

      This is bound to happen this year anyway. But we can speed it up a bit.

      I also copy in Michael Franz Reinisch who is now an ingenious farmer in Lower Austria living also oin the simplest level.
      And also Jeff Buderer, who was engaged in finding solutions on the ground.

      Please get in touch!

      Hi Franz and all,

      I signed an agreement to purchase this house in the village of Eiciunai,
      in the Lithuanian countryside:

      Here it is in Google Streetfinder:

      unfortunately the two adresses got glued together I separated them now they work:

      I will live here in Fall and Winter, and live in Englewood, Chicago in
      Spring and Summer.

      very interesting scheme.

      So I'm asking myself "global village" questions, especially about how to
      renovate the house.  Currently, there is no indoor toilet.  A typical
      solution is to put in a cesspool tank for about 500 euros. When the tank
      fills up, you call a truck to have it drained.  The problem is that you
      have to be very thrifty about using water so that as little as possible
      goes into the tank.

      Another solution is to clean the water yourself.  I'm curious what
      systems we know about that I should consider.  Here in the neighboring
      city of Alytus there is a business that makes such systems:

      So I will be asking this and other questions.  I appreciate our help!

      P.S. Greetings from Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany!  I'm on a road trip
      with my father to visit the towns where he grew up as a boy in
      Lithuanian refugee camps after World War II:  Scheinfeld, Weissenberg
      and Swaebische Gmeund.


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