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4489A short Interview with Franz Nahrada at WSIS Forum

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  • franzjn
    Jun 24, 2012
      Dear Global Villagers,

      The awakening of our dormant network still is to come (though we are working quite intensively on "node villages" in Austria and Germany since the beginning of this year and we have intensified work with India and Russia), but I managed to give a sign of life in Geneva and bring the message accross nicely !

      See the video made by the WSIS process report group on the main page of


      or watch it a youtube


      Thanks to our lovely video - hosts in Geneva who made this possible and to GKPF (Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation) for bringing me there !!


      I also would like to upgrade to a NING Plus plan because I did not find a reliable and easy solution for a network center for the time being and moving the network is too much of a pain still.

      Any financial and editorial support is welcome to improve our online System!

      please write me a private mail to f.nahrada@... if you want to pitch in! Or if you just want to say some nice encouraging words ;-)

      have a nice summer time.

      Franz Nahrada

      Initiator - Global Villages Network