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4486Re: The real use of anti-technological rants

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  • suryarao maturu
    Feb 14, 2012
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      dear Franz, andrius et al !

      hello.everybody by now, is aware of the deep crisis enveloping Europe,USA, and many other countries......

      All Experts seem confused...All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go ????

      It is Amazing that , we still are BLIND to the dangers of this dead-end,whereScience+Technology+Commerce have brought us.

      We are trying Band-Aid  Healing .......


      i am often accused of being , "emotional"
      well,.....MAN =  Balls(Body) +MIND + SOUL?
      or, Man is Genes+Emotion+THINKING=Unconsciousness(95% of Mind)+Consciousness(5% of Mind)

      You can TRY  Logic/Measurement/Mathematical Modelling/...whatever


      basically, john is pointing to the UnSustainability of modern civilisation

      one can CHANGE it only by Perception+Understanding...and  NOT by any amount of Conceptual/Analytical  Reductionism

      i have told zerzan, that at my individual level........i solved my existential  multilemmae ,by DROPPING OUT of the ratrace + redefining my life +and by getting some good  FRIENDS...this is my Alternative Universe....yet, it intersects with the realuniverse & i am NOT insulated wholly, or even largely...

      i am 61+ years.....single, and having  means to meet , my minimum needs & comforts.....

      in india, we have a term:  lakshman-rekha.........meaning , a boundary-line-of-CAUTION........If you CROSS this, you are in for Trouble!
      the problem is that these boundary lines are different for different people,....and they are variable

      i do sincerely hope that my grandchildren....(children of my sisters ) shall have a habitable world, where they can eke out meaning out of their lives, with not much more TRAUMA  than us ,now.....

      Life =  FICTION   = A Virtual  Reality  =A Game?(which one,who is the Umpire?)

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