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1Web system for Working Openly (Part I)

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Jul 7 3:30 PM

      This is an open group for supporting Franz Nahrada as an Investigatorius
      of the Minciu Sodas laboratory as he explores and develops his vision of
      "global villages".

      We're starting by exploring our needs for a "web system for working
      openly". I'm sending the first part of a longer letter that I'm
      writing. I appreciate your thoughts here and look forward to involving
      more people, all are welcome.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      I'm sharing my vision for a "web system for working openly". Some parts
      of this system are already in operation. There is modest funding for me
      to work on other parts. I hope together we might adapt, extend and
      apply this system to advance our many projects. It is a map of the key
      functionality that I think we can create of our own efforts. We may
      also find clients or funders who would benefit from accelerating our work.

      This system is an outgrowth of my work at the Minciu Sodas laboratory,
      http://www.ms.lt, where we have brought together 75 active and 750
      supportive "independent thinkers". My strategy is to focus our
      network's energy on those individuals whose open, sharing, dedicated
      work might help us care ever more deeply about thinking and all of life.
      This summer, several of these leaders have asked for our help to
      create a project management system for working openly.
      - Joy Village, Jeff Buderer, Mark Roest, Edward Cherlin of
      OneVillage.Biz have motivated me to adapt my WOW (Working Openly WOW)
      online navigation system http://www.onevillage.biz/wow/1.html for the
      AIDS 2004 Conference, and it's interplaying nicely with the wiki
      http://www.aids2004wiki.org We're looking to write larger proposals.
      - Franz Nahrada and Monika Erb of ERDE (European Regional Develoment by
      means of Education) are dedicating 1000 euros for me to build the ERDE
      website, and use our WOW online navigation system to showcase "global
      - Marcin Jakubowski of http://www.sourceopen.org has asked me to propose
      a project management system that would satisfy his vision. We're hoping
      that I might work this fall from his farm in Madison, Wisconsin.

      All three of these initiatives, and also our Minciu Sodas laboratory,
      have a shared need for a project management system for working openly.
      I will describe my vision for the "core" of that system, and then also
      mention some modules to meet our special needs.

      My strategy is to focus my energies, and our lab's energies, on those
      individuals who show the way for us by their example. Learning by
      example is the whole point of working openly.
      - "Instigators", those who satisfy the basic requirements for openly
      getting things done.
      - "Investigators", those who continuously challenge themselves as they
      develop their vision, and thereby inspire and challenge us as well.

      We have started an Open People Network and found it to be effective for
      self-selecting effective Instigators.
      We simply ask people to declare an online venue where we may assume that
      their content is in the Public Domain except as it notes otherwise.
      (We should probably also expect participants to be generating at least
      one item per week.) Evidently, this selects for generously-spirited
      social networkers. We can invest ourselves in these people knowing that
      they can make great use of our support. A major concern is to help them
      find ample part-time or full-time work by which they can make a living
      as they pursue their endeavors. I have set up a mailing list to
      coordinate our activity: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/opnw/ If you're
      a member, or would like to become one, send a blank message to
      opnw-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and I'll let you in, or work with you so
      you might join. I want this to be an inclusive but focused and
      responsive network, with clear entry criteria and ample benefits.
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