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1451RE: [globalvillages] processes of renewal and transformation - Note to Joy

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  • markus petz
    Jul 28, 2006
      I feel some people should spend MORE TIME composing
      progressive emails. I speak English well and Paul I
      have found it hard to follow your email below (not coz
      I am stupid).

      A tip for being accessible is try writting the same
      stuff in a second language and then just the ideas are
      communicated and not the big words that a make it hard
      to understand especially for someone speaking English
      as foreign language. the bead suite does offer some
      useful things, but is hard to navigate.

      Anyway I am not writtingto bitch about presentation,
      but rather to explore some of the points you raise

      So please read B&B
      in openness & friendship

      --- Paul S Prueitt <psp@...> schrieb:

      > Franz
      > I am coping your email to some in the bcc, so that
      > if they choose they can
      > join the global villages eforum and walk through
      > these issues. slowly. We
      > are all respecting how much time it takes to compose
      > progressive emails.
      > Your dream is my dream. (see below)
      > The fact is that we are allowed

      I agree we are allowed in so far as we can make stuff
      happen. I think this is a critical mass. Enough peoepl
      and understanding of how MS is building a culture will
      make thsi come true. buit we must also make sure we
      communicate to others who make stop us being allowed.
      FOr example Dante and I have been exploring through
      living the concept of Nomadology. Now in Europe we can
      do this because Schengen lets us go across borders,
      and it legal to hitch-hike. wheras in the americas
      crossing the Mexican border can prove difficult for
      example and hitch-hiking is made illegal in some
      states. So there it isnot allowed. There are other
      legal aspects that have made it harder to just live in
      alternative ways.

      , now and soon, to
      > have profound global
      > information transparency

      we are getting htias coz the internet allows info to
      flow. the church can't surpress it as it once did,
      although there are laws and corporations challenging

      and information security at
      > a level that is hidden
      > by polemic structure

      Now I did not knwo what polemic structure meant so I
      found this


      whcih gives soem useful cultural aspects revealing it.

      and for those not knowinhg

      "Etymology: French polémique, from Middle French, from
      polemique controversial, from Greek polemikos warlike,
      hostile, from polemos war; perhaps akin to Greek
      pelemizein to shake, Old English ealfelo baleful
      1 a : an aggressive attack on or refutation of the
      opinions or principles of another b : the art or
      practice of disputation or controversy -- usually used
      in plural but sing. or plural in constr.
      2 : an aggressive controversialist "

      , such as the notion that
      > just-in-time small scale (high
      > value) distribution of products around the globe is
      > risky. It is the
      > future. The path is an easy path, except for those
      > whose concepts hold us
      > back. (My opinion)

      I think you mean by this that its easy to see a
      problem why soemthing will not work and then not
      develop it and make it it happen. its harder to see an
      opportunity and be bravely going ahead and making it
      happen. To take a calculated risk - or leave it to see
      if chance favors you.

      this relates to my question as to why do people live
      in fear? And how can we move beyond it so they feel
      willing to take a reasonable risk fo something so much

      > The future can only be feared but not stopped from
      > being real. The fear
      > often creates confusion and confusion creates the
      > damage.

      this is the nothing to fear exceopt fear itself. Fear
      ia a Chimaera (a monster that does not exist when
      looked at closely). I would disagree the fear creates
      confusion - rather I would say it creates a blocking
      path so culture and society move off along a less
      advantageous path. A good example is use for gasoline
      as a car fuel source instead of solar. It now means
      tht in peoepl#s minds cars have to have fuel source
      tha tiso regualrly fille dup - instead of a passive
      solar powered source or something similar. just think
      about hte time people spend filling up! And the
      transport impact of moving fuel around and the lack of
      independence this gives and thus the effects on
      transport and society.

      So a possible future was stopped from happening. Or
      maybe at best it was delayed???

      > What gives way is the type of capitalism in the
      > extreme practiced now

      I don't htink the extreme of communism or capitalism
      are practised. BUT I do think the form coudl be better
      mitigated and CSR aspects and a human face brought in.
      the mass unemployments (i am one of these) do seem to
      have resulted form it. Contrast this with an agrarian
      society of say the middle ages or soem nations and
      ehter was much higher employment.

      , like
      > the fall of communism, this type of pure capitalism
      > must surely fall, and be
      > displaced by something that treats non-locality with
      > respect.

      I disagree I think that we can have degree of

      NON-LOCALITY here



      refers to the principle that everything is connected

      best extrapolated to current popular culture with the
      Butterfly Effect


      HOWEVER I think that Localization is possible. And
      actually think we should work to achieve elemnts of

      But of course that will depend on your religious

      In many ways
      > we are not far from a historical correction of
      > capitalism.

      Heard that one before :-)

      So the parallel
      > to the fall of communism is weak.

      Communism was flash in the pan and its still existing
      in some places which you will see in Cuba, North Korea
      where there is real isolation. HOWEVER on a much more
      local scale are there any communities that contain men
      women and children that exhibit it in a free
      situation? Possibly soem tribes might do this?

      Many authors have
      > writing about the
      > stages of capitalism.
      > My groups worked on these concepts in the treads at:
      > the Micro-Farm ecosystem and Rural American Safe-Net
      > bead threads
      > if one take the time to move through these "beads"

      which you will need coz they are not indexed like GV

      > you can see the
      > opposition to such concepts as being memetic in
      > nature, ie not willing to
      > allow certain assumptions to be questioned. We need
      > clarity.

      I agree we should question. we shoudl find out
      alternatives and questioning achieves that. lets

      > However, the time is really changed in 2006, and
      > many of us are seeing local
      > efforts like the one that Joy is doing in Oregon
      > State.

      Well I think we arenot only seeing but we are being
      and aware of many more things going on across the
      world that we can put in placwe in our local
      situation. TO me this allows tailoring to localization
      and actaully more diversity and difference and not us
      all being the same with our global villages. for
      exampel eth open source movement that allows different
      languages to be used, different mechanical set ups.

      Here we are I think now begining to recognize the
      patterns languages that work and then apply them
      locally. But it does no tmean we are all going to end
      up with the same Global village structures that are
      identical clones of each other.


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      > Franz Nahrada
      > Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 12:54 AM
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      > Subject: Re: [globalvillages] processes of renewal
      > and transformation -
      > Note to Joy
      > Paul Prueitt writes:
      > >And again, the whole concept of a village of
      > distributed villages (in
      > >different parts of the world) is one that seems
      > right for an age where
      > >movement of information is instant (even though
      > now controled by
      > >confusion)
      > >and the movement of commodity can be made using
      > just in time ordering and
      > >process models.
      > I just had an interesting and enlightening dream.
      > In the dream, women from
      > a rural village were "fabricating" a plastic
      > container for washing clothes
      > from a non-toxic (phytoplastic) raw material. They
      > designed the form on a
      > computer with the help of a free CAD program, and
      > they sent the design to
      > a factory that made the physical forms for them.
      > So they could without
      > much effort repeatedly "bake" the objects they
      > wished, and have them
      > shaped according to their old needs and
      > traditions.
      > What I saw in that dream: the fact that villages
      > are connected and able to
      > define their needs simultaneously enables
      > industries for the first time to
      > react to them as mass needs. The communication
      > aspect is directly tied
      > into an aspect of economic transformation, where
      > we will have more and
      > more sophisticated decentralized means of
      > production (semi customized by
      > industries) locally and thus even
      > decommodification (of the end objects).
      > This comes with the interplay of urban industries
      > and villages. This
      > relation simply could not exist before.
      > So Global Villages, just by their simple fact of
      > connectedness, will be a
      > vast economic force. They might be able absorb
      > lots of the urban
      > overpopulation again and might be able create a
      > healthy urban and rural
      > circumstance.
      > I see this also as an answer to Stanko and as a
      > reason why I think Global
      > Villages is a vision of its own right that
      > includes aspects of
      > ecovillages, but also makes positive use of
      > information exchange.
      > Franz


      _------_ ô _------_
      --- *V* ---
      / \
      x x

      Marcus Petz

      Feed the raven and the white tailed eagles
      For the dawn is almost upon us
      I see it shining and will not sheath the sword
      May we die with it in our grasp...


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