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1429Re: [globalvillages] processes of renewal and transformation - Note to Joy

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  • lucas.gonzalez@canarias.org
    Jul 19, 2006
      Paul S Prueitt wrote
      > And again, the whole concept of a village of distributed
      > villages (in different parts of the world) is one that seems right for an age where
      > movement of information is instant (even though now controled by
      > confusion)and the movement of commodity can be made using just
      > in time ordering and process models.

      Just two small comments:

      I guess "just in time" may mean many different things. If it means I'm dependant on the global supply network to work seamlessly if I want to have food on my table today, then it's dangerous, as those who have thought about a worldwide simultaneous flu pandemic (yes, I know "pan" means "whole world", but just wanted to insist a bit) think would be.

      I like the "controlled by confusion" concept. Information does have negative feedback mechanisms because it can't possibly be "instant". I'll try to keep it in mind. Thanks.

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