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1428Re: [globalvillages] processes of renewal and transformation - Note to Joy

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  • Franz Nahrada
    Jul 18, 2006
      Paul Prueitt writes:

      >And again, the whole concept of a village of distributed villages (in
      >different parts of the world) is one that seems right for an age where
      >movement of information is instant (even though now controled by
      >and the movement of commodity can be made using just in time ordering and
      >process models.

      I just had an interesting and enlightening dream. In the dream, women from
      a rural village were "fabricating" a plastic container for washing clothes
      from a non-toxic (phytoplastic) raw material. They designed the form on a
      computer with the help of a free CAD program, and they sent the design to
      a factory that made the physical forms for them. So they could without
      much effort repeatedly "bake" the objects they wished, and have them
      shaped according to their old needs and traditions.

      What I saw in that dream: the fact that villages are connected and able to
      define their needs simultaneously enables industries for the first time to
      react to them as mass needs. The communication aspect is directly tied
      into an aspect of economic transformation, where we will have more and
      more sophisticated decentralized means of production (semi customized by
      industries) locally and thus even decommodification (of the end objects).
      This comes with the interplay of urban industries and villages. This
      relation simply could not exist before.

      So Global Villages, just by their simple fact of connectedness, will be a
      vast economic force. They might be able absorb lots of the urban
      overpopulation again and might be able create a healthy urban and rural

      I see this also as an answer to Stanko and as a reason why I think Global
      Villages is a vision of its own right that includes aspects of
      ecovillages, but also makes positive use of information exchange.

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