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International Trade and Business Newsletter - Issue 2

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    Welcome to our 2nd issue of the International Trade- B2B Newsletter. Lot s of good information, including some trade leads. It took us much longer to get
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      Welcome to our 2nd issue of the International Trade-
      B2B Newsletter. Lot's of "good" information, including
      some trade leads.

      It took us much longer to get this out than we had
      planned, but to be honest with you, my wife had some
      serious health issues that we needed to focus our
      attentions on and we are still working on getting her
      better, so please forgive me for being so late in getting
      this second issue out to you.

      We've had several suggestions provided to us since our
      first issue and we hope to incorporate them here and still
      keep the newsletter size small. We will still be placing a
      web page on the website with basically the same information
      on it, like an archive, if you will. However, the main
      suggestion we received was to go ahead and place direct
      links into our email so those of you who want to click to
      those resources right away can do so without having to
      visit the web page.

      So here we go, please let us know your comments,
      criticisms and constructive suggestions and as always, if
      do not feel our newsletters are worth your time and the
      bandwidth it takes to get them to you, please by all means
      send us an email to remove you at the following address:

      We have been looking for this type of service now for
      years. A service that is updated continuosly and one
      that we would feel comfortable recommending. We had
      two other directories sent to us for evaluation and both
      failed our stringent test, but this Drop Ship Directory
      is the best that we have ever found.

      This Drop Ship directory lists wholesale distributors of
      over 400,000 Name Brand products who will drop ship
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      Ship Directory for you and your business.

      This incredible wholesale product source is not only the very
      best available, their website is one of the most valuable
      sources of Free articles and information on how to set up and
      operate your own profitable international dropshipping business.

      Click the Link below (or copy and paste it into your browser
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      Next please let me share with you a very nice email we
      received from one of our Trade Directories:

      Dear Ron,

      I have received Importers Directories for Asia / Pacific
      and North America on today May 7. These directories
      are full of information which can be used as a very
      effective tool for Export-Marketing business.
      Thanks again!
      With regards,

      Manoj Jain
      International Marketing Consultant
      Global Import Export Concepts
      Email: concepts@...

      2. One of the most common questions we receive via
      email is: "Can you help us find a phone number for a
      manufacturer or person in another country or help
      validate if a particular business in another country is for

      The best advice I can provide them and you is to do as
      we do when an order is received from outside the U.S.A..

      a. You should check several search engines to see if they
      have a web site. The best and easiest to use are:
      http://www.Google.com and
      http://www.AltaVista.com .

      b. Not every business has a web page so we also try to
      cross reference to various worldwide telephone directories
      of which we have found the following to be the best:
      http://www.teldir.com and
      Search by business name and personal name and in some
      cases the directories allow you to perform what is known
      as a REVERSE LOOKUP. This is where you type in
      the phone number that they gave you and you simply
      perform a search in "reverse". If the directory has a
      reverse search capability and the phone number given you
      is a valid one and "not" an unlisted one, it should bring up
      that business or person's name.

      If you reside outside the USA and need to search for a
      person or business in the USA or Canada, the the following
      web page has the most "reverse" lookup resource links
      you will find anywhere (at least they are the best we have
      found so far): http://www.startpage.com/html/lookup.html

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      3. FREE Contracts and Legal Agreements Online

      Here are some URLs offering a variety of legal agreements
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      contracts and none of the forms you find on these sites
      should ever be construed as legal advice):


      These were all Free (the last time we checked)
      so there is no excuse not to protect you and your business
      with the proper legal forms. Just copy and modify them or
      print them out and complete them offline.

      4. The Largest Search Site on the Web

      The Largest Search Site on the Web provides direct
      access to the Invisible Web with the ability to search over
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      Learn How We Achieved an 11,040% Return-On-
      Investment Combining World Trade and Internet Marketing

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      5. A directory of Canadian Exporters can be found at
      at the following web page:


      6. If you need raw intelligence about every country in
      the world, who better than to supply it but the
      researchers at the US Central Intelligence Agency.

      All sorts of information are given as well.
      The CIA World Factbook 2000:


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      7. Trade Leads


      All Types of Boat Ladders for Pleasure boats
      designed for Diver's and Swimmers.

      Footwear skiving machine knife and spare parts.
      Rajesh K.

      Guangdong Foshan Kestar Electronic Co., Ltd. is
      specializing in ZnO pressure sensor varistors, negative
      temperature coefficient (NTC) and positive temperature
      coefficient (PTC) full range products. ISO 9002.

      Foshan Chande Textile Co., Ltd. is a joint venture specializing
      knitwear, dyeing, garments. especialy producing mideum, high
      quality cloths and high quality garment for export.
      Mr. Chan De
      Foshan Chande Textile Co., Ltd.
      Tel: +86-757-6336 141/6239 656
      Fax: +86-757-6336 141
      Email: cdcn@...

      ISO 9002 Certified Company in India manufacturing Honing
      Machines. Pl. visit our site www.khushbuindia.com or e-mail
      khushbu@... ; honing@...;
      khushbu@... for further information.
      A H SAMANI



      Air Spray Fake Tan machine that is very popular in
      the States seeks supplier for the UK.

      Manufacturers of "AUTO GAS SAFETY
      CONTROLLERS/REGULATORS":sabir A. rahmanKD- 17 Kavi nagar
      ,GHAZIABAD 201002,INDIAE-Mail: sabirrahman19@...

      NEW DELHI - 110048., INDIA.
      TEL : 91-11-6237142 / 6412623
      FAX : 91-11-6237142
      EFAX : 1(801) 650-4877
      EMAIL : dinsh@...
      EMAIL : dinsh@...

      Romanian firm who bye and sell in large quantities shoes,
      sport shoes(like Nike,Fila,Reebok a.o.not brand),prefer
      to be leather or canvas made.
      Silviu Caslariu
      G&P Impex

      Price lists on surveillance equipment and photos
      of your products ALSO from the same party -
      mobile phone housings and would like a price list
      of all the latest housings for nokia. Looking to
      purchace arround 2000 pieces per month. Contact
      Lee Ranchod via email at: lranchod@...

      Free! Business & Web Promotion Newsletters
      Pick your topics and these folks will send you
      great business deals, free business information
      and special business offers by email. (Be sure to
      confirm back to them when they email you). This
      is a great service, check it out today!

      PS: They also have free newsletter subscriptions
      on other subjects, so scroll down their page and
      check them out.

      Here's the mandatory legal stuff:

      International Trade News is Copyright 2000 by
      Coble International. All Rights Reserved. This
      newsletter may not be included in any
      compilation, electronic or printed, or as part of any
      commercial endeavor without written permission.

      Although we believe all the information contained is legitimate,

      we cannot he held responsible for any dealings you have with
      any of the people and firms mentioned in this issue. All offers
      and links were valid at the time we checked them out. Please
      forward a copy of "International Trade News" to anyone you
      feel would be interested in receiving it.

      To unsubscribe, send an e-mail with "REMOVE" in the
      subject area, mailto:removeemail@...

      All the best in all your global business endeavors,

      Ron Coble
      Coble International
      1420 Steeple Chase Drive
      Dover PA 17315
      Phone: 717-292-5763
      Fax: 717-292-9543
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