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Mission 5: Worst Case Scenario - Planting the Charges

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  • Cyn
    Who: Sergei Nikolaievitch, Mick Stone Where: Valdez, Alaska Location: Chugach Mountain peak Time: 11:35 (Alaskan) pm It s friggin cold here, Mate, why the
    Message 1 of 79 , Nov 1, 2007
      Who: Sergei Nikolaievitch, Mick Stone
      Where: Valdez, Alaska
      Location: Chugach Mountain peak
      Time: 11:35 (Alaskan) pm

      "It's friggin' cold here, Mate, why the hell are we..." demanded Mick
      Stone before Sergei could slap a hand over his mouth.

      "Shut up, hlupák!" hissed Sergei. "Don't forget where you are."

      Mick shoved Sergei off of him. "Hands off, Mate. You don't hafta bail
      me up. I remember...I just forgot," whispered the Australian-born gun

      Dressed in leather and fur, with earmuffs and water-proof gloves for
      his hands, Mick Stone ground his teeth while he watched Sergei set the

      Truth was Mick didn't know the plan. When Sergei was explaining it to
      him before in the ute they took up to Valdez, he had been thinking
      about Eve and the face she made when he left her alone with his Pop.
      But now, he realized that besides lugging up Sergei's explosives kit
      and his bag of homemade pipe bombs, he had no idea what the plan was,
      or what his part of it was.

      After a few more minutes of silence, he sighed bored. "Just tell me
      again why we're here freezing our arses off in this shitter?" he asked
      in a low voice. "I don't wanna cark it here and, you know, not know why."

      Sergei almost growled at him. "I told ya, the special operations
      people are taking a train to the Kodiak, the train passed through
      Valdez, which is located near the head of a deep fjord in the
      northeast section of Prince William Sound. It is surrounded by the
      Chugach Mountains, which are heavily glaciated. So what happens when
      the operations' train is coming around the bend and suddenly these
      charges blow?"

      Mick was slow, but he wasn't that slow. "Nice, a real beaut of a plan,
      Sergey," he said with a slow smile creeping across his face.

      Sergei frowned. "Sergei, not Sergey, I'm not one of your South of
      France friends," the Russian hitman said. He finished setting the
      charges while Mick pouted. "Okay, we're done here, let's move to the
      other site."

      Mick frowned. "Exactly how many of these are you planting here, Mate?"
      He was the one doing all the driving, so he felt he had a right to know.

      Sergei only glared at him. Mick decided the element of surprise was
      fine with him.
    • Alexis Brooke Knight
      Who: Kendall Stone Where: Near Kodiak, Alaska Location: Coast Guard Rescue Time: 2:55 a.m. (Alaska) Cat slowly stood to her feet. Her muscles stiff and aching
      Message 79 of 79 , Mar 30, 2008
        Who: Kendall Stone
        Where: Near Kodiak, Alaska
        Location: Coast Guard Rescue
        Time: 2:55 a.m. (Alaska)

        Cat slowly stood to her feet. Her muscles stiff and aching from the
        extreme and bitter cold. Plus, she had once again aggravated the
        sprain she received on her ankle from ditching her undercover like
        mission with the Stones earlier that month or so.

        The newer member to the team made her way through the snow, nursing
        her ankle along the way. Kendall's teeth cringed as she neared the
        circling blades of the copter. The added wind it shoved in her
        already rosy cheeks was nearly unbearable. She dunked her head and
        proceeded quickly, climbing into the soon heavenly warmth of the

        "Oh god, its heat!" she graciously spoke aloud in a appreciative
        tone, while rubbing her hands briskly together, and taking a buckled

        Diana was with Kendall, so she paired up with her and got on the
        helicopter. As she was inside, she sat and mumbled to herself, "I'm
        Diana, I am with Kendall, we are in Alaska looking for something..."

        Her head tipped back with a long sigh is relief, slowly the feeling
        of her fingers, toes, and nose began to sting back to reality. The
        feeling of the heated air that blew from the above vent in her face
        was like a kiss from heaven itself, and yet left a stinging reminder
        of the hell she had just been delivered form. The faint mumbles
        emitted from the wind chapped lips of her comrade, Diana, caught her
        attention as she mentioned Kendall's name.

        Cat bothered not to respond to her, but rather pondered the woman's
        comments. She had a point, Kendall thought. Yes, we were in a Alaska.
        A hell in itself, and yes we were all looking for something. Cat
        however found herself looking for answers to why in the hell she
        signed up or agreed to this job. Other than the fact that it was an
        only out to dodge serious jail time, her "get out of jail free" card.

        ~What the hell were you thinking, Kendall?~ She questioned herself,
        tipping her head back once more, and closing her eyes as she was
        before Diana caught her attention. ~Seriously, I think jail would
        have been much, much safer.~ A slight sigh left her thick cracked
        lips, ~I mean look at these people,~ Her eyes opened as she silently
        bounced from pain harboring face to the next suffering one. ~They are
        all in pain, all look miserable. None of them have lives outside of
        this job, hell this job is everything. Their friend, family, and
        lover. I have yet to find where this occupation delivered me a purr
        of pleasure.~

        She shook her head, rolling it to the side in a monotonous manner,
        and peering out the window in obvious thought. The dark misty clouds
        passed by as they made their way toward their destination. Cat lifted
        a hand and swiped slowly through the fogging window, her warm breath
        immediately clouding it once more.

        ~Perhaps, I should reconsider things? Maybe this isn't for me, but
        jail isn't either. Fuck, why did I mess around and get caught in the
        first place.~ She let out a harsh huff of air in disgust of the
        careless and cockiness actions that led her to being arrested.

        Kendall decided that she would sit through the rest of this mission,
        ponder things whenever time allowed, and make her decision once she
        arrived home again. With the warm heat still washing over her, she
        slowly drifted off to a cat nap.
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