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Mission 4/5: Prologue - The Consortium

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  • Cyn
    Six months later... Who: The Consortium Where: Little Port Walter, Alaska Location: Underground Supply Bunker Time: 7 am Dr. Eve Jonet paced back and forth in
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      Six months later...

      Who: The Consortium
      Where: Little Port Walter, Alaska
      Location: Underground Supply Bunker
      Time: 7 am

      Dr. Eve Jonet paced back and forth in her white UG boots. She was
      dressed down, or as down as she got in her Ralph Lauren designer
      jeans, her Prada poncho and her Neiman Marcus sweater, glove and hat
      set. She knew she looked great but was still freezing her finely
      shaped ass off.

      She was also engaged in a three-way conference call. "Oui, I
      understand that me and my group must wait, Monsiuer Chase, but why
      must it be here, in the Earth's asshole that is Alaska!" she said

      There was a harsh bark of laughter on the other end of the conference
      call. Eve knew it was Mick Stone, the son of the imfamous Family
      Stone, who were notoriously well-known illegal arms dealers. She also
      knew that the next man's voice was Winfrey Stone, the father and lead
      patriarch of the family, shushing him.

      "Mr. Chase's point is well understood, Dearest Dr. Jonet, patience in
      these matters is of the utmost importance," said Mr. Stone Sr. "Though
      you may have retrieved your half of the package from that Russian
      crypt, the warhead, I assure you, our half of the deal, acquiring the
      uranium, is a much more delicate proceedure."

      "I'm zure it tis, Monsiuer Stone," said Dr. Jonet, glancing back over
      her shoulder and looking at Sergei, Xu and Piak Niran. "But while we
      are waiting here, for all these weeks, would it not be
      more...beneficial that my enormous brain, which you have so much
      respect for doesn't freeze!"

      More laughter over the line, this time from another source. Dolph
      Nilsen aka Swede Sven calmed himself in a matter of seconds, then
      added, "I hate to interrupt the enormous brain, Mr. Chase, Mr. Stone,
      but our part of the operation is going swimmingly," said the Swedish
      man. "Ben Bada and I have been casing these agents, who profiles Niran
      gave us. We know their sore spots and we can strike at any time."

      "Oh, you're that ready?" said Warrick Chase, CEO of DNAtropics Corp.

      "Well, we've subcontracted the hard labor, the actually acquisition of
      said targets, but yes, we've got a secure location all ready for them.
      By the time the Special OPS team even finds them, I'm sure you guys
      will have completed your mission and the ransom of the world's
      governments will be underway."

      "If you've done your job right then," said Sergei speaking up from
      behind Dr. Jonet. "If you've really taken the loved ones of the group,
      then they Special OPS team will be so distracted by their loved ones
      gone missing, that we should be able to finish up here in now time.
      Shouldn't we?"

      Xu and Niran exchanged a look and a nod. They agreed with Sergei.

      "Don't worry about me and my job, Sergei," said the Swede.

      "Correct," said Chase. "Sergei, you do your job, and let Nilsen do
      his. I'm counting on you and Dr. Jonet to ensure that when the Stones'
      shipment comes in, you're there to collect it. We will only have one
      shot at getting this around customs and the Alaska shipping lanes is
      it, ladies and gentlement."

      "Keep in mind, Sweet Eve, that they are predicting a blizzard your
      way," warned Mick Stone. "I don't want anything happening to you, my

      "Don't worry about me, Cher, keep yourself safe," Jonet said with a
      sigh. "I hear those desert people take your various parts if you're
      caught stealing from them."

      "We'll be careful," Mick assured her. "Let's all be careful."
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