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Re: Mission Two: An Evening to Remember

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  • Cyn
    Who: Contessa, Williams, Roberts and Ripley Where: Caribbean Cruise Ship, the Contessa Location: International Waters Time: 7 pm Williams lowered his gun and
    Message 1 of 55 , Mar 1, 2007
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      Who: Contessa, Williams, Roberts and Ripley
      Where: Caribbean Cruise Ship, the Contessa
      Location: International Waters
      Time: 7 pm

      Williams lowered his gun and looked at the Contessa. "False alarm,
      Jakie," Kaden told him.

      "Uh...real sorry, Ma'am," Whetu said. "We think there may be a
      situation onboard the ship. We need to get you and the jewels to a
      more secure

      The Contessa had already been standing, now she felt like she was
      faint. "Is it the terrorists?" she asked as she moved from the circle
      of guards she had been pushed in between when the two men busted into
      her cabin.

      The guards were more relaxed but they still looked tense. The
      Contessa's eyes couldn't help but drift to her large make-up kit,
      which was being used to house the real jewels. The fake ones Ripley
      had provided were on display in the Cruise ship's Gallery.

      "Yes, ma'am," Kaden said. "We've been alerted that there maybe trouble
      on the rise. Your protection and the safety of the jewels is our first
      priority." He paused and looked at her and the two guards. Maria, her
      lady in waiting looked frightened. "Our second, is the to take out
      those bastards."

      The Contessa nodded, relieved. She glanced back at her people as she
      explained in Spanish what was going on, since most of them didn't
      speak English. They all nodded their agreement as well.

      "Williams, Whetu come in," said Ripley's voice in their ear pieces.
      "Williams, get back to the Ballroom immediately. Something shaky's
      going down here! Jake, get the contessa and her jewels off this ship,
      now! The helicopter should be gassed up. Take them to safety..."

      The sound of gunfire going off in the background echoed throughout the
      ear piece to all the agents. "Oh Shit! Williams...hurry!" Ripley
      hissed before she fell silent.

      Kaden checked is gun quickly, before nodding at the Contessa and Jake.
      He raced back to the Ballroom, peeping into the window, keeping low
      and out of sight. "Ripley, talk to me!"

      "Williams! Williams!" someone called over the ear piece. "This is
      Roberts, respond."

      "Roberts, I'm outside the ballroom. What's up?" He scanned the room as
      he talked to her, trying to find a point of entry.

      "You, that's what. I want you to slow down, think things through,"
      Roberts said huffing like she was on the move. "I hear the gun shots
      too. We're all on the same channel, right? I just want you to remember
      your training. You could be walking right into an ambush. Recon first,
      cover your tracks, don't let your emotions get to you."

      "What emotions?" Kaden asked himself seeing the stage curtain was
      closed. "Roberts, what's your 20?"

      Roberts didn't respond right away. She grunted something under her
      breath and the sounds of grappling were heard. "Bastard ripped my
      skirt," she said as she spoke again. "Sorry 'bout that. Had to deal
      with one of them."

      "Can't talk long," she whispered as she started grunting again. The
      sounds of a something or someone being dragged was heard over the
      sensitive ear piece. "Take your time, use your eyes, know the
      situation you're getting yourself into. Roberts out."

      "Great, no back up," Kaden muttered to himself. "Looks like we have to
      do this the 'Die Hard' way." He moved around to find the stage
      entrance. Once in, he creeped along to the curtain to get a better
      "lay of the land."

      Ripley was leaning over Diana's bodyguard, who was shot in the chest,
      giving him mouth to mouth. The captain and the rest of the guests,
      except for the Band who was still on stage, were on the other side of
      the room, on their knees with their hands behind their heads.

      And in the middle of the room was Nyah Regina, standing on a table and
      holding a gun on Diana Betram, who was posing as the Contessa, whom
      she had hostage at gun point.

      Down in the Engineering Room, Roberts peered around the edge of the
      tiny porthole window in door leading to the room. She had knocked out
      the guard and taken his radio transmitter so she could listen to the
      enemy on the ship.

      She heard them talking in various parts of the ship, including the
      ship's main helm control room where she had sent Jon Grimm, and the
      Ballast room, where the controls that kept the ship afloat were kept.
      Unfortunately for her, she needed to get through the engine room,
      which was crawling with about 5 terrorists, to the doors all the way
      on the other side.

      "Great," she hissed under her breath. "Just fucking great!"
    • goysu
      Who: Diana Bertram Where: Jamaica Pegasus Resort & Hotel Location: Diana s suite Time: 10:35 pm Diana smiled at Kaden s comment about the Powers that Be not
      Message 55 of 55 , May 25, 2007
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        Who: Diana Bertram
        Where: Jamaica Pegasus Resort & Hotel
        Location: Diana's suite
        Time: 10:35 pm

        Diana smiled at Kaden's comment about the Powers that Be not being to
        happy about two members of the team having a relationship, but she
        really didn't care. Her feelings toward Kaden were the first she had
        toward a man, toward anyone, since her parents died. She felt alive again.

        Back at the room, after the authorities and the medical people let her
        go, she looked at the Donna Karan dress, damaged beyond repair.
        "Bloody hell, I hope this wasn't the contessa's favorite dress," she
        said to herself, peeling it off.

        She heard her laptop going off when she got out of the shower,
        toweling her long hair dry. It was her office in London. She didn't
        know how long it had been going off, since she hadn't even told her
        secretary what she was doing.

        "Bastard!" she shouted, throwing down the towel. "That bloody bastard!"

        She gathered her things and practically threw them into her bags. Then
        she got to her phone and called British Airways. "I want a seat on the
        first flight to London," she said.

        "Andrew Cather, you bloody bastard, you will pay for this," she said
        when she confirmed her flight out early in the morning. When she got
        in to London, she would make arrangements to take care of her little
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