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Re: Mission One: Carrying Out Our Assignments (Grimm's team)

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  • James
    ... Static filled the radio walkie a few minutes more, then out of the blue, in a deep voice, came a shit . Grimm was alive, barely escaping the blast by
    Message 1 of 46 , Jun 1, 2006
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      --- In globalSpecialOPSgroup@yahoogroups.com, "alabama_ace_2004"
      <alabama_ace_2004@...> wrote:
      > Country: South Africa
      > City: De Aar
      > Who: Williams
      > Location: De Aar mine
      > Time: 2:00 pm

      > "Grimm, report!" Kaden said after he placed two fingers on the
      > cigar and removed it. "Grimm, come in!"

      Static filled the radio walkie a few minutes more, then out of the
      blue, in a deep voice, came a "shit". Grimm was alive, barely
      escaping the blast by tipping a railbarrel over and covering himself.

      "I'm here... don't get worried yet. I want everyone to report in
      now. Kaden, I know you're alive. Call Avery, I'll... shit" Grimm
      said, inerrupted by a stragling, half-dead scorpion, kicking it from
      the cover.

      "I got Adams. We regroup in front in 5" Grimm ordered.

      "Grimm out" as Jon put down the walkie, tipping the barrel back
      over, getting up, dusting himself off.

      Holding the walkie up to his lips, he pressed the red activater

      "Adams come in. Repeat, Adams, come in".

      Tag everyone
    • goysu
      Country: South Africa City: Johannesburg Who: Kalana, Diana, and Carlos Location: Rendezvous point Time: 3:13 pm As soon as Diana asked where Carlos was, she
      Message 46 of 46 , Jun 8, 2006
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        Country: South Africa
        City: Johannesburg
        Who: Kalana, Diana, and Carlos
        Location: Rendezvous point
        Time: 3:13 pm

        As soon as Diana asked where Carlos was, she noticed him walking
        across the street then sit at the table where Kalana and she were
        sitting. "Hola, Bonitas," he said all smiles. When the waiter came
        over, he ordered a coffee.

        "Where have you been?" Kalana Masters asked from where she sat leaning
        back in her wrought-iron chair.

        "Infiltrating Owe's private security," Carlos said in a low tone of
        voice. "I'll tell you all about it, but not here. Let's get our
        coffees to go, shall we?"

        When the waiters brought their cafes, Carlos dropped some money on the
        table and then offered his arm to both women. "By the way, Diana, you
        look marvelous! Is that a new outfit?" he whispered to her before
        turning his head to the catburglar. "And Kalana, have I told you all
        black is not only very slimming on your already slender body, but,
        bonita, it's sexy as hell."

        Diana fought hard not to roll her eyes, dismissing the comment about
        her outfit and the mention of her real name. Carlos was now the
        gentleman, turning the corner with them and hailing a cab. He opened
        the door for them and let them in first before ordering a ride back to
        the Boeing. When the three arrived there was smoke streaming out of
        the plane and one of the SUVs was parked out front with all the doors

        Carlos nodded, all the mirth melting off his face as he threw some
        cash at the cabbie and then sent him on the way before pulling out his
        .45. "Kalana, cover our asses and signal if there's a problem. Scream
        if you have to," he said with a calm coldness in his voice. "Diana,
        pull your cop piece and back me up. Make sure it's loaded." Diana
        nodded, pulling the Glock she had taken from the police officer from
        behind her back and quietly cocked it.

        Carlos eased his way towards the Boeing with his gun drawn but pointed
        down. He nodded for Diana to take up position on the other side of the
        plane's entrance. She nodded back, silently yet gracefully rushing to
        the other side with her Glock and did the same thing.

        Carlos ducked his head inside got a quick 2-second look and then
        pulled it back out. Inside the Boeing was the aftermath of chaos. Some
        short of firefight. He could see though that there was no actual fire,
        the empty smoke canisters on the pavement before them could attest to

        "Hello? Anybody home?" he called into the jet, lifting his piece. From
        her place on the other side, she lifted her weapon up, ready to back
        him up.


        Carlos recognized his code name and answered as such. "Si, Chameleon
        and Flame are with me," he called into the jet. "Can someone come out
        and talk to us, or should I come in guns ablazing?"

        Angel soon appeared at the door. A .9 mm in her hand, but she waved
        them all inside. "No more guns," she said sounding disgusted. "I don't
        think the jet could take any more."

        Carlos nodded and lowered his weapon, but he didn't put it away, just
        in case Angel was being forced to say these things and get them on
        board. But as he climbed on board the jet, Carlos could see that
        things were in chaos still.

        Diana slowly followed Carlos on board, her weapon still drawn but
        pointed down as she had seen Carlos do. She surveyed the chaos around
        her, Dr. Adams patching up something on Whetu's leg. The paranoid Dr.
        Craddock was furiously dousing everything in bleach and scrubbing up
        the kitchenette, crying all the while; this time her fear of germs was
        actually helping matters.

        Then she noticed the small Thai woman, Piak Niran, who was examining a
        large cone shaped dent in the top of her laptop. Piak Niran looked
        like she was trying to keep it together on the outside but was clearly
        frazzled on the inside, but Diana kept her distance. She let Carlos
        stop and check on Piak. "Niran," Carlos said as he lightly touched her
        forehead. "You okay?"

        Instead, she looked around to see who was still alive, but she was
        looking for a particular person.
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