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Re: [globalSpecialOPSgroup] Mission 13: Deadly Hallow's Eve

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  • Sam
    Who: Michelle Laurent, Diana Bertram Codename: Moriarty, Chameleon Where: Chechnya/Russia Border Location: British Embassy Time: 11:25 AM And it was just then
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2013
      Who: Michelle Laurent, Diana Bertram
      Codename: Moriarty, Chameleon
      Where: Chechnya/Russia Border
      Location: British Embassy
      Time: 11:25 AM

      And it was just then that Michelle got an alert on her phone and sighed. She looked over the touch screen for a few moments, then shook her head and took out another syringe. "Well, apparently I have to go put out another fire," she said, "Thankfully this time it's neither this one or one dealing with Helena. I'm going to take that as a good sign." What it had to do with instead was her abandoning Diana and the plan to barrel through several Russian borders, but she'd had a backup plan for this. It was one of the rules: No matter the situation, have an easy out so if the plan goes wrong, it could be fixed and set on the right path with relatively little effort. Another small injection and Michelle was on the road back towards the rendezvous. 

      She immediately regretted throwing the wig in the trash, but she could probably traverse easier without it. There weren't that many Russian ice queens anyway, and the Ukraine dialect she'd used was so rusty, iron flakes could be seen when the words hit the air. Meanwhile, she called Diana on her secure channel and tried to put a bright spin on her current dalliances. 

      "Diana! Hello, dear, sorry I'm going to be a bit late...ran into some trouble with my end of the mission parameters. Don't worry, I'll be there in no time at all." Michelle rarely texted, but she did like people knowing that the plans were still on. When she'd worked with an accomplice, this sort of thing had been tantamount, and calls were more difficult to keep tabs on. Whereas all one had to do was search the phone, and a text would come up immediately without much digging. It was also so impersonal.The uniform came off, replaced with a suit, but the winterweights stayed. She needed that extra layer, and the body heat was nice.

      She'd had to go through her previous steps in reverse, but with a few shortcuts, she was there and waiting for Diana at the British embassy. "It doesn't seem that my detour disturbed any of the fragile little intelligence communities. In any case, how was your flight?"

      On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 5:57 PM, mississppiqueen <cbobcom@...> wrote:

      Who: Angel Ramirez, Oksana Pushkinski
      Codename: Moriarty, Hammer, Angel, Ghost, Bad Karma, Patch,
      Gears, and Gladiator
      Where: Chechnya/Russia Border
      Location: 100 yards across from Warehouse
      Time: 11:10 AM

      Angel frowned at Chuck. "Of course not BK," Angel said shaking her head. "You forget the two dozen children they've got hostage in that place."

      FBS Agent Oksana Pushkinski tsked BK as well. "Da, also, a strategic attack on the warehouse is impossible from the land, because they will see it coming, no?"

      Oksana's FBS partner, Boris Jakov, also spoke up, "And sea isn't viable either because we would all freeze to death coming in that way."

      Angel looked to Carlos. He has just done it, though honestly, for only a few minutes. As Carlos said earlier, he nearly froze his cajones off.

      "It's clear that we need a plan..."

      Suddenly, there was a commotion from outside of the conference room. Heavy footfall sounded on the metal warehouse steps leading up to the room. Immediately, Agents Pushkinski and Jakov were on their feet.

      "О Бог, нет! Агенты! Агенты, приедьте сюда!"

      "What is it?" demanded Angel, when everyone started speaking in Russian. "What's going on?"

      Angel rounded on Carlos, who she knew could speak Russian fluently. Carlos looked strickened, and angry as hell.

      "What's happened?" Angel asked, already suspecting the worst.

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