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Mission 11: Hospital of Horrors - Horrific Halloween Hullabaloo - Zombies!

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  • mississppiqueen
    Who: Brandon Hill, Marco Marquez, and Dr. Suzette Boudair Where: Vancouver Location: UN Hospital Morgue What have you done to us? Brandon Hill leaned against
    Message 1 of 69 , Nov 1, 2011
      Who: Brandon Hill, Marco Marquez, and Dr. Suzette Boudair
      Where: Vancouver
      Location: UN Hospital Morgue

      "What have you done to us?"

      Brandon Hill leaned against the wall, with Marco Marquez at his feet. Brandon clutched at his stomach.

      "Fools! I've killed you, zat's what."

      "But Suzette, why?" Brandon asked looking up from his fallen friend.

      Dr. Suzette Boudair threw back her brunette head and laughed, a nasty belly laugh. "First of all, my name's not Suzette Boudair, eit's Eve...Eve Bonet, and you two idiots have all been pawns in a game zat's too big for your little minds to comprehend."

      "What?" Brandon said as he slowly slipped to the ground. "How?"

      "The innoculations, you idiot," Eve said with a smile. She pulled one syringe out of her left pocket. "Zis is the solution I injected into myself, harmless saline, no?"

      Eve pulled another syringe from her right pocket. "Zis is the little bebe I whipped up especially for you two. I call zit Mortis Regenerius."

      Next to Brandon Marco began to go into seizures. "What's happening to him, Suzette..." Brandon asked fearfully.

      "The same zing zat's going to happen to you, idiot!" Eve sing-songed in her French accent.

      "But...but why?" Brandon said wincing as the pain in his abdoment increased. "Why Suzette?"

      "I told you, eit's Eve," Eve Bonet, resident chemist with the evil organization, the Consortium, said as she stepped past the two men on the ground. "And nearby zere's a group of people, a team of zem, in fact, who will be 'ere soon."

      Eve crossed the door, removing her white lab coat as she went. In her hands was a larger vial of the syringe's potent and lethal mixture. "Time to say goodnight Brandon. I'd like to zay eit's been fun, but it hazn't!"

      Eve turned and tossed the vial into the middle of the morgue. She gave Brandon one more nasty smile before he too doubled over and began to go into convulsions. Then she quickly closed the door and headed for the stairs leading up. She opened the door and then used a door stopper to wedge it open.

      "Perfect," she said and then headed up the stairs, pulling out her cell phone and pressing *7 before she exited into the main floor of the hospital. When the call clicked over, she simply said, "It's done."
    • Kimmy
      Special OPS Team - Jake Whetu, Anjela Ramirez, Charles Chuck Taylor, Kendall Stone, Jason Calvin, Wendy Luang, Seamus Shaw, Sarah Lien, P. Tony Pyke, Daniel
      Message 69 of 69 , Dec 16, 2011
        Special OPS Team - Jake Whetu, Anjela Ramirez, Charles "Chuck" Taylor, Kendall Stone, Jason Calvin, Wendy Luang, Seamus Shaw, Sarah Lien, P. Tony Pyke, Daniel Price, Wilma Ripley-Whetu, and Winona Chase

        Codenames: Ahab, Angel, Bad Karma, Cat, Gears, Ghost, Irish, Pandora,
        Patch,Apollo, The Suit, and Two-Tribes

        Where: Vancouver, Canada

        Jake Whetu, Ahab - Heading down to 10th floor
        Anjela Ramirez, Angel - Street
        Charles "Chuck" Taylor, Bad Karma - 3rd floor, Room 330A (w/ Ghost)
        Kendall Stone, Cat - DEAD(?) ER
        Jason Calvin, Gears - Hospital Parking Lot
        Wendy Luang, Ghost - 3rd floor, Room 330A (about to head out)
        Seamus Shaw, Irish - 3rd Floor, Room 315 (w/ Ghost and BK)
        Sarah Lien, Pandora - B&B
        P. Tony Pyke, Patch - B&B's front lawn (Running toward Street)
        Daniel Price, Apollo - Heading down to 10th floor
        Wilma Ripley-Whetu, The Suit - Being carried by Apollo
        Winona Chase Two Tribes - ER

        Time: 12:45am

        "Wow" the young car thief stated with a bit of awe as Luang made quick work of the big nurse. "You're better than Jet Li" Chuck grinned at the Thai Marine as he handed back her weapon. He wasn't expecting her to return, or appreciate, his humor.

        It was obviously teenage bravado to make him feel better about being in a situation that he had no control over. He whole heartedly agreed with his superior that they needed to get Shaw out. if he was lucky he could make it to the garage and try to stop the locals from getting there too soon as well.

        Things were getting crazy on the radio. People, their people, were getting shot at...

        Luang cursed deeply in Thai. Then spoke into her radio.

        "Ghost, BK and Irish reporting in. We're moving towards the ER. Sounds like the hospital's covered. Does anyone know an alternative exit?" Normally Luang would direct that last question to Pandora, but it sounded like she may have her hands full right now. With that, Luang gestured to Irish. "You're going to have to carry him BK, and I'll cover you."

        The hulking teen nodded his head, "I can do that." And Chuck set about wrapping Shaw in a blanket before he took him by one arm set to heave him into a fireman's carry.

        "Sorry sir, guess you bit off more than you could chew with that candy bar" Taylor grunted out, as he shifted Irish over one shoulder and held the man's legs in a tight grip. Jesus, he didn't look that heavy.

        Meeting up with Two-Tribes in the ER was a good deal, but Chuck wasn't sure what ace Luang had up her sleeve to get them past the shooter outside. Right now he was just glad she was covering his ass as they crept down the hall toward one of the stairwells.
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