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Mission 6: On the Border of Hell - Taken

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  • Cyn
    Team 3: Wilma Ripley (The Suit), Jake Whetu (Ahab), Seamus Shaw (Irish), Sarah Lien (Pandora), Dr. Rebecca Adams (Bones), & Jason Calvin (Gears) RIP: Kalana
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      Team 3: Wilma Ripley (The Suit), Jake Whetu (Ahab), Seamus Shaw
      (Irish), Sarah Lien (Pandora), Dr. Rebecca Adams (Bones), & Jason Calvin (Gears)
      RIP: Kalana Masters (Flame), Micah Nathaniels (Speed)
      Where: Darfur Refugee Camp
      When: 5:16 pm

      The plan was simple, as most good plans are. Jake would head towards the tent where Sarah was waiting with her finger over the execute button to hack into the missile's guidance system. He would get the remote device and attach it to the truck with the missile launcher.

      And he would do it while Wilma and Rebecca were surrendering themselves to the rebels.

      Even now, Wilma could hear the rebels shouting, "Send out de white women!" over some sort of loud speaker. "We want de blonde and the other one!"

      Since there were only two white women in the camp, now that Kalana was dead, it was obvious who they were speaking of, to everyone in the camp, including the doctors and nurses, many of whom were of other ethnic decents.

      Wilma turned to Gears and smiled. "Wishful thinking with that mortar thing," she said to him shaking her head. "But they've finally stopped shelling into the camp we don't want them to think we're attacking them and start up again."

      Wilma paused. "But maybe you can try and find one anyway," she said to Gears. "That might come in handy while you guys are following the rebels into the mountains. It would be nice knowing our back-up has that kinda of capability."

      Meanwhile Rebecca was staring daggers at Wilma from where she sat on the medical bed, getting her minor scrapes and scratches treated with anti-bacterial salve. Wilma knew her argument by hard. Dr. Adams had a child, a cute little girl that she had just fought to get back from the Consortium's nasty hands, and now she was asking her to put her life in danger.

      Rebecca didn't want to orphan her child, but she also knew that this was the best plan they had. After this mission though, Wilma wondered if she would be able to count of Dr. Adams as a member of the team, or if this was her last hurrah.

      "You know the plan right?" Wilma asked her unnecessarily. When Adams nodded, Wilma continued. "Then let's get this charade over with."

      Wilma glanced over at Jake, one more longing time and then nodded her head for him to go outside and signal the white flag. Once he was out, she and Adams would walk out, and he would continue on to the tent with Sarah.

      Wilma was sure when she and Rebecca made their appearance, they would forget all about Jake and his heading over to the communications tent. So he could pick up the device from there to begin his stealth mission.

      As he had said earlier, no one pays much attention to a cripple; no one expects subterfuge from a man with a limp.

      Wilma took one more look at herself in the reflective glass. Her bandage was dirty now, but still in place, which was fine with her. Hell, she and Rebecca both would be coming to the rebels with gauze all over their bodies, right? What more perfect place than for a little subterfuge of their own.

      Opening up the shaving kit one of the UN security officers had given her, she carefully removed the old fashioned razor blades and slipped two into the folds of her gauze bandage.

      Then making sure her invisible ear piece was still working, she switched it to send/receive. Rebecca had already done the same. When the nurse working on Rebecca signaled she was finished, Wilma and Rebecca moved to the front of the tent and took twin deep breaths before moving outside into the light of dusks.

      The rebels were waiting for them.

      "Hands up!"

      Wilma and Rebecca immediately put their hands up.

      "Come out to the truck!"

      Wilma and Rebecca walked over to the truck, nice and easy and slow. They wanted to give Jake all the time he could use.

      "Move it!"

      As one, Wilma and Rebecca moved quicker, but not too much quicker. "She's injuried," Wilma said by way of explanation. "Her truck crashed."

      The rebels didn't seem to care what condition the two women were in, but they didn't yell any more at them to hurry either. When Wilma and Rebecca got to the truck, the men quickly grabbed them and pulled them onto the truck's tailgate. Their hands were tied and they were forced to look down at the bed of the truck as the rebels tied their inner legs together, like they had entered a three-legged race competition at a family reunion.

      "I'll radio Akello, tell him we got de women!" said one of the rebels. Wilma angled her neck so her ear piece could better receive his words. "Yes'Sir, we're taking them to de mountains, to de other women. Yes'Sir! See you there."

      Wilma exchanged a meaningful look with Rebecca. Prince Akello was heading to the mountains as well. Wilma hoped everyone heard that...

      As their truck began moving again, they knew they were both going into the belly of the beast.

      OOC: Since Kate has disappeared again, I'm moving her character, while not actually putting words in her mouth...Hope this is okay.
    • Cyn
      Who: Seamus Shaw (Irish) Where: Darfur Refugee Camp Location: UN Communication Tent When: 6:39 p.m. Seamus Shaw came out of the tent barking orders. We got
      Message 165 of 165 , Jul 25, 2009
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        Who: Seamus Shaw (Irish)
        Where: Darfur Refugee Camp
        Location: UN Communication Tent
        When: 6:39 p.m.

        Seamus Shaw came out of the tent barking orders. "We got incoming!" he yelled to a couple of security officers running across the area directly in front of the tent. "St. Gerald, Johanssen, make way for the team's return."

        "Yes, Sir."

        Seamus turned and started for the massive tented hospital. "Chinua's on his way back," he said to one of the nurses there. "We also got other incoming wounded."

        "I'll set them up away from the sick, Sir," said one of the African nurses. Her white headwrap was askew on her head, and she was bleeding from a headwound.

        Seamus moved to help her, but she held him off with a hand. "No, Sir, do not touch me," she insisted. "I'm HIV position."

        Seamus nodded taking a quick step back. "Why are you still working?"

        "Who else will, if I do not," said the nurse holding her head high.

        But as Seamus stepped back further, he noticed she was interacting with anyone else physically, just giving out orders to the other nurses and medical staff.

        Seamus suddenly had more respect for her, to be able to deal with the facts about her life, and eventually her death, and still work to help others, he admired her tenacity.

        But he couldn't take long to admire it. He had to move on. Gears was standing outside, talking to someone over his short-range radio.

        "Someone give me a destination," he was calling. "A little support would be nice." Bullets shot by him as he ducked and weaved.

        Seamus lifted his .45 and shot at the lone rebel still firing as he tried to flee. Shaw nailed him in the arm.

        "They don't like being shot at, do they?" Gears commented.

        "No, they sure as hell don't," Shaw said with distain. "But they never do. Bullies always like being the ones inflicting the pain, but never on the receiving end."

        Seamus shook his head as he called to more security officers. "Someone go take out the trash," he said in his thick Irish baroque.

        The radio cracked with more statis and Sarah Lien's voice came over loud and clear.

        "Okay, so when do we pack up and go home? I mean, I like hanging around here as much as the next disaffected sunlight-hater, but I have some vested interests that I'd like to get back to..." said the hacker. "Not complaining or anything, just asking..."

        Seamus smiled to himlself. "You know what they say, Pandora," he quipped moving across the area. "Ask and ye shall receive...C'mon in, Team. This mission is over."

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