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Mission 7: Scouting Ahead

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  • Heather
    Team 1: Angel Ramirez, Nicole Chambers, Wendy Luang, and Diana Bertram Codename: Angel, Spartan, Ghost, and Chameleon Where: Gharb Darfur Location: Enroute to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2009
      Team 1: Angel Ramirez, Nicole Chambers, Wendy Luang, and Diana Bertram
      Codename: Angel, Spartan, Ghost, and Chameleon
      Where: Gharb Darfur
      Location: Enroute to Geneina
      When: 2:30 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

      Captain Luang left her new teammates to set up camp while she scouted
      ahead. According to the satellite pictures and maps proved to the
      team by the UN, David Chinua was currently being held in a military
      compound. The compound was presumably built during the First Sudanese
      Civil War, abandoned by the official government after the end of the
      war and in the last 40 so years changed hands from one warlord to
      another. While the military compound was only about three klicks
      northeast from camp, the terrain was difficult, making the trip slower
      than Luang would have liked.

      At least, Wendy thought as she moved along, the mountains are cooler,
      still hot, but cooler. The schism between Irish and the Suit worried
      her and she can only imagine the oppressive dry heat of Darfur desert
      adding to the tension. Spartan and Chameleon weren't military
      trained, but they seemed competent and professional enough. Angel
      seemed to have her demons, at least from what she gathered from her
      view through her rifle's eye scope at the end of the last mission.
      Wendy shook her head in disapproval. If Daeng had...

      Wendy took a sharp, painful breath and after a few minutes decided she
      should best suspend judgment on Angel. Wendy reached the crest of one
      of the smaller mountains around the Deriba Crater. From there she'd
      follow close to the ridge for another klick, but something caught her
      eye in the barren valley below. She instinctively hunched down behind
      a boulder and pulled out her binoculars. There was a collection of
      tents and semi-permanent structures. A village.

      Luang spent fifteen minutes observing the village below. It was hard
      to tell at this distance, but she estimated a village of roughly a
      hundred or a hundred and fifty villagers, though there was currently
      little activity. If one had to live in a hell hole like Darfur, Luang
      mused, the Marra Mountains would be best place to live. The mountains
      created a slightly more hospitable climate. The vegetation was
      scarce, but at least there was some and judging by the two empty river
      beds she crossed, they probably received seasonal rains, which was
      better than no rain at all. Still, Luang reasoned, this village was
      too close the the compound to be a coincidence. Luang took her map
      out and marked the village location, then she pulled her camera out
      and took several pictures to show her comrades when she returned to
      camp. This done, Luang secured the map, binoculars and camera back
      into her pack and continued on.

      As she continued on the ridge Luang was worried but not surprised to
      note a trail traveling parallel to her course. At one point, a few
      gunmen came strolling down the path. Luang ducked down and took a
      number of pictures of the five soldiers as they walked along. They
      seemed relaxed and while they carried guns, they didn't seem on guard.
      Once they passed, Luang continued on.

      As Luang approached the compound she noticed the dirt trail, which ran
      parallel to her most of the trip, turned southerly and uphill towards
      the compound. To compensate, Luang went southeast, overshot the
      compound and then went northwest, so that she would be viewing the
      compound from the apparently much less active eastern side. Luang
      took out her camera and binoculars and began to observe.

      The first thing she noticed, and much welcomed good news after
      discovering the connected village, was than the five buildings that
      made up the compound were in poor condition than originally suspected.
      The forty years of off and on violence in the region showed. The
      compound was encircled by a clay brick wall. While some areas have
      been repaired or where in the process of being repaired, a section to
      the north had crumbled down to the point that one could simply walk
      through. That section, however, was heavily guarded. A team of
      labors, Luang noted, worked at repairing the northeastern wall. Luang
      noticed that the labors would being guarded. She frowned and brought
      up her camera. She had serious doubts they were working on the wall
      of their own free will.

      Besides the breach to the north, there was the gate to the east and an
      apparently much less used gate to the west. Five buildings existed
      within the compound, besides an outhouse. To the northeast and barely
      standing was a large shed that seemed to hold supplies and weapons. A
      larger two-story building of clay brick was most likely housing for
      the soldiers. A small clinic stood to the southwest. Given Chinua
      profession, it wasn't unlikely that they'd forcibly employ him there,
      after all, medical doctors were difficult to come by in this region.
      The building to the southeast appeared to formally be an
      administrative building and was probably used now, at least in part,
      for additional housing. In the center the fifth building, and notably
      most repaired, was formally and most certainly currently used as a jail.

      Wendy was just about to put her camera away and head back when there
      was a commotion among the laborers. She took several pictures as on
      of the younger laborers threw down his tools and appeared to argue
      with the guards, then she switched the digital camera to film. His
      fellow laborers appeared became alarmed and began to plead with the
      defiant one. Instead of shooting him, as Luang was sure to happen,
      one of the guards ran to the jail. Moments later he returned with a
      tight grip on a middle age woman. The guard made her knell on the
      ground as Laung caught it on film. Word were exchanged, which Laung
      couldn't hear at that distance and probably couldn't translate. The
      defiant appeared to plead and even took up his tools.

      A shot rang out.

      "Yet," Wendy whispered in Thai.

      As she approached Team 1's camp, she radioed ahead so as not to
      startle her teammates. Grim-faced and silent she went immediately for
      her laptop to download what she caught on film. She tossed the map
      which she marked locations down to Angel before pulling out the
      laptop. "You're not going to like this," she finally said as she
      plugged in her camera and began to download the pictures and video.
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