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1956Mission 14: The Final Frontier (The investigation Begins)

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  • mississppiqueen
    Sep 12, 2013

      Who: Marshal Vicki Leland, Angel Ramirez, Michelle Laurent

      Team: Anjela Ramirez, Scott Hastings, Carlos Tarago, Michelle Laurent, Wendy Luang, Tony Pyke, & Jason Calvin
      Codenames: Angel, Gladiator, Hammer, Moriarty, Ghost, Patch, & Gears

      Who: Angel, Captain Howard, Marshal Victoria Leland, and Drs. Cooper, Leonard, Rajesh, and Fowler.
      Where: Houston, Texas
      Location: NASA Space Center
      When: 10:30 am Wednesday

      Vicki watched Tony walk away, fighting the urge to call him back and tell him that the cat isn't fully out of the bag - not yet. There were things she needed to tell him, about his wife and about Vicki's involvement with her, and why they really were friends.


      With a deep sigh, Vicki knew however that this was not the time nor place to make confessions about their so-called friendship. There was work to be done, deeply disturbing work.


      Vicki strode up to Ramirez and Laurent. The former NYC police officer eyed her warily before handing her a pair of latex gloves.


      "So what are we in for here?" asked Angel.


      She had been watching the whole interplay between Pyke and Leland. Something was up, but Angel didn't have time to find out what.


      "As I explained before the lab's been gone over, and the body of Dr. Winke has been moved to cold storage."


      "There's a morgue on ground?" Angel was astounded.


      "This is NASA, of course they have cold storage. They freeze dry their own foods for space. They're using it as a morgue for the time being."


      "Will we have access to Dr. Winke's body?" Angel asked steeling herself for going into the zero-G room.


      "Yes, we'll see the body later." Vicki started forward, but Angel held out another hand.


      "One more question," Angel said. "Why'd you want Laurent with us?"


      Vicki nodded to Laurent. "She has skills that were in her profile that will help us in our investigation," Vicki answered walking a tight circle around Michelle. "I'll take lead. Ms. Ramirez and I will canvas the room, but Ms. Laurent's job while we're doing all that is to figure out how someone could get into that roo, not through the front door, but some way else, unseen by the cameras. Your profile indicated you would have some expert knowledge at that."


      Angel smiled. "Yeah, I'd say Michelle might be your girl. And I'm Angel, by the way, no more Ms. Ramirez. I keep looking for my mother every time you say that."


      Angel looked to Michelle. "You up for this, Pod'ner?" she asked her in a fake Texas accent mimicking all the people she'd heard since she got off the plane. And they said New Yorkers had funny accents. Sheesh!


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