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1951Mission 14: The Final Frontier (The mission breakdown)Pyke

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  • Jymm West
    Aug 18 11:14 AM
      Who: Anjela Ramirez, Scott Hastings, Carlos Tarago, Michelle Laurent, Wendy Luang, Tony Pyke, & Jason Calvin
      Codenames: Angel, Gladiator, Hammer, Moriarty, Ghost, Patch, & Gears

      Who: Angel, Captain Howard, Marshal Victoria Leland, and Drs. Cooper, Leonard, Rajesh, and Fowler.
      Where: Houston, Texas
      Location: NASA Space Center
      When: 10 am Wednesday

      "Right," said Vicki Leland. "Dr. Cooper is correct. We will not need anyone here
      to go into space. What we do need is investigators right here on Earth, and I've read your files..." Vicki glared at Carlos. "Or what there was of your file, and I would like to treat this as a criminal investigation."

      Tony Pyke sipped his soda and listened to his lover take charge and lay out her plan of action. He had known she was as smart as she was beautiful, but a little naive of what went on outside of the US. But then few people knew what he and the others did.

      "Alright, then let's attack this problem departmentally," Leland suggested. "Mr. Calvin, your file says you know mechanics and how machines work, could you and Dr. Rajesh mind going over the centrifugal force machine so that we can either confirm or rule out mechanical failure?"

      Pyke saw Vicki look to Wendy and Hastings. He was wondering how well he could function working closely with her. Especially since she had had no idea who he really worked for till now. Trying to remain non-plussed, he waited to see who he would be working with.

      Vicki then looked to Luang, Hastings, and finally, her eyes rested on Pyke.

      "Since you three have military backgrounds and know your way around other people with military backgrounds, would you please conduct the interviews with all the people involved with our two victims, and who were in and out of both the underwater training facility and the centrifical force machine?" Leland asked

      "Very well," Luang said. She glanced over the Hastings, the new guy, across the table then nodded to Pyke.

      "Works for me, Marshal." Pyke spoke up and nodded to Wendy and Hastings. He also saw Angel looking at him with a curious frown.

      Angel cleared her throat. "And what would you like Mr. Tarago, Ms. Laurent and I to do?"

      "Unfortunately, we have the most gruesome of tasks, investigating the actual crime scene," Leland said. She glanced to Captain Howard.

      "Marshal Leland asked that we seal the area, which we did, so everything is as it was two days ago," Captain Howard looked, displeased about that.

      "Right," Angel said with a sigh. "Always the glamorous jobs for me."

      "Well we're burning daylight sitting here." Pyke finished his danish. "Why don't we get started while things are still fresh in everone's minds. We also need to know if anyone has left and not reported back in today. Other than our victim, of course."

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