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1949Mission 14: The Final Frontier (Mission Breakdown)

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  • mississppiqueen
    Aug 14, 2013
      Who: Anjela Ramirez, Scott Hastings, Carlos Tarago, Michelle Laurent, Wendy Luang, Tony Pyke, & Jason Calvin
      Codenames: Angel, Gladiator, Hammer, Moriarty, Ghost, Patch, & Gears

      Who: Angel, Captain Howard, Marshal Victoria Leland, and Drs. Cooper, Leonard, Rajesh, and Fowler.
      Where: Houston, Texas
      Location: NASA Space Center
      When: 10 am Wednesday

      Captain Howard introduced Deputy Marshal Victoria Leland.


      Pyke, who had been quiet up until that moment got a frown from Angel. She would be asking him about that outburst later, especially since Marshal Leland seemed to recognize Pyke.

      "I'm looking forward to working with you all on this matter," Marshal Leland said. "Hopefully, we will be able to solve this thing before any more loss of life happens."

      After a beat, Scott Hastings, aka Gladiator, spoke up. "Wait, wait, please tell me we're not going up there, up to the International Space Station."

      "Don't be ridiculous," snapped Dr. Cooper. He looked to Captain Howard. "Once again, I must lodge a protest at these people being here. I don't think this warranted outsiders being brought in when I'm not convinced this was other than two unfortunate accidents: one drowning, and one mechnical malfunction."

      "Dr. Cooper please be reasonable, what we saw was no accident," said Dr. Rajesh. He shivered. "It was horrible what happened to Bernie."

      "Who's Bernie?" asked Angel, scanning through the folder she had in her hand.

      "Bernie Winke, the astrophysiscist who was killed," supplied Captain Howard. There was a softness to his voice that made Angel wonder if the two were somehow related or romantically entangled.

      Angel looked at Winke's file again. "Ah, yes, Bernadette, hence Bernie. Can we move on now?"

      "Right," said Vicki Leland. "Dr. Cooper is correct. We will not need anyone here to go into space. What we do need is investigators right here on Earth, and I've read your files..." Vicki glared at Carlos. "Or what there was of your file, and I would like to treat this as a criminal investigation."

      Dr. Cooper scoffed, leaning back in his chair with his arms folded across his chest. Dr. Leonard spoke up. "We will cooperate in any way we can," he offered. Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Fowler nodded.

      Vicki nodded. "Alright, then let's attack this problem departmentally," she suggested. "Mr. Calvin, your file says you know mechanics and how machines work, would you and Dr. Rajesh mind going over the centrifical force machine so that we can either confirm or rule out mechanical failure?"

      Vicki then looked to Luang, Hastings, and finally, her eyes rested on Pyke. Angel frowned realizing they knew one another previous to meeting today. One glance at Luang confirmed that she knew Pyke and Leland knew each other too.

      "Since you three have military backgrounds and know your way around other people with military backgrounds, would you please conduct the interviews with all the people involved with our two victims, and who were in and out of both the underwater training facility and the centrifical force machine?" Leland asked softly.

      Angel cleared her throat. "And what would you like Mr. Tarago, Ms. Laurent and I to do?" the former NYC cop asked.

      "Unfortunately, we have the most gruesome of tasks, investigating the actual crime scene," Leland said. She glanced to Captain Howard.

      "Marshal Leland asked that we seal the area, which we did, so everything is as it was two days ago," Captain Howard looked, displeased about that.

      "Right," Angel said with a sigh. "Always the glamorous jobs for me."

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