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1946Mission 14: The Final Frontier (The briefing)

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  • Jymm West
    Aug 10, 2013
      Who: Anjela Ramirez, Scott Hastings, Carlos Tarago, Michelle Laurent, Cpt.
      Luang, Tony Pyke
      Codename: Angel, Gladiator, Hammer, Moriarty, Ghost, Patch

      Who: Angel, Captain Howard, Marshal Victoria Leland, and Drs. Cooper, Leonard,
      Rajesh, and Fowler.
      Where: Houston, Texas
      Location: NASA Space Center
      When: 10 am Wednesday

      After a pleasant ride over to the main building with Wendy and Jason, Pyke had briefly left the group to change out of his flight gear. He returned to the conference room dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, dress shirt and tie, his black hair pulled back in a single braid. He snagged a donut and his signature Pepsi soda before grabbing a seat. Angel gave him a nod as did Hammer. Pyke hadn't seen him since the Russia mission but the two had worked together before.

      The meeting began and Pyke listened, formulating a plan of action, looking over at Wendy,wondering what she thought of the events. He was also concerned that her medical condition might make for some challenges for his friend.

      "Deputy Marshal Victoria Leland!"


      Pyke was totally surprised to see his lover walk into the room, looking very professional but sexy too, considering he knew what she sometimes wore under her clothes. Pyke noticed some of his teammates were looking at him, surprised by his reaction.

      Pyke took a long sip of his Pepsi to recover his composure, realizing the mission just took on a whole new aspect.

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