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1943Re: Mission 14: The Final Frontier

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  • Christopher
    Aug 6, 2013
      Who: Scott Hastings, Carlos Tarago, Michelle Laurent, Anjela Ramirez, Cpt. Luang, Tony Pyke
      Codename: Gladiator, Hammer, Moriarty, Angel, Ghost, Patch
      Where: Houston, Texas
      Location: NASA Space Center
      When: 9:35am Wednesday

      Wearing 5.11 Tactical coyote tan boots and "Battle Brown" Stryke pants with a Carolina Blue Under Armour Cold Black t-shirt that fit him well, Scott Hastings stepped inside the Space Center and pulled off his sunglasses as his eyes scanned the place. "I've always wondered what this place looked like."

      "So," Carlos said striding up to Angel. "What's the stitch?"

      Scott had wondered the same thing. In all his years of being abroad, he never expected to be called in to a place like this. He pulled off his multicam 3-day pack and adjusted his shirt, making sure to cover up his Glock G17 9mm that he kept in a holster inside the back of his pants.
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