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1934Re: Mission 14: The Final Frontier (Tag Pyke)

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  • simmingheather
    Jul 21, 2013
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      Who: Captain Luang
      Where: Houston, Texas
      Location: George Bush Intercontinental Airport
      When: 9 am Wednesday (the next day)

      Captain Solada Wendy Luang sat in a chair. She was decidedly less than happy.

      "Definitely a terrorist," she could hear one of the US Marshals whisper to the other, "must be on the list."

      Luang rolled her eyes. They weren't even bothering to try and hide their speculative conversation from her anymore, not that she hadn't figured what it about was early on.

      "I dunno. Sure she's got the head scarf, but she ain't Muslim, she's Asian," replied the other.

      "They got Muslims in Asia."

      Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call and minutes later they were hurrying her out of the room they were holding her and onto the tarmac. A black sedan pulled up moments later and Luang climbed in. She was pleasantly surprised to find Patch in the back seat.

      She settled in next to him. Despite years of keeping her distance, Luang had grown fairly close to Pyke in the past three months. She gave him a slight smile and leaned back as the vehicle took off. "So you got the welcoming party too I take it?"
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