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1933GSOPS: Mission 14: The Final Frontier

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  • James Austin
    Jul 21, 2013
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      Who: Tony "Patch" Pyke
      Where: Houston, Texas
      Location: The NASA Space Center
      When: 9:40 am Wednesday (the next day)

      A USAF T-38 Talon Training jet-fighter touched down and rolled quickly off the main runway to the flightline.  The double canopies came up as the jet was parked and the landing gear wheels expertly chucked by ground personnel.  As the two flight crew members climbed out of the plane, a black sedan led by an Air Force Security HumVee arrived.

      "Looks like they're expecting you, Major!"  the pilot remarked as Pyke flipped up the sunshades on his helmet.

      "They may be expecting me, but I  wasn't expecting them."  Pyke replied as a man and woman in suits exited the sedan following the two very serious-looking Air Police Officers.

      "Which one of you is Major Patrick Anthony Pyke, US Army?" the female civilian asked as the civilian male moved to stand slightly behind the two flight suited men.

      "That would be me."  Pyke raised a hand and produced his ID. "Are you with NASA?"

      "Deputy US Marshals.  Duncan and Curtis."  the male civilian intercepted Pyke's flightbag from the ground person who was about to hand it to Pyke.  "If you'll come with us, Major.  We'll take you to the rest of your team."

      "Oookay."  Pyke turned and shook hands and saluted the pilot.  "Thanks for the lift and good luck on the mission."

      "You two, Major."  the pilot lowered his voice, giving Pyke a sympathetic look.  "Looks like you might need it."

      Pyke gave the pilot a quick smile and followed the man and woman back to the sedan.  He noted that his bag was put in the trunk and the back door was held open for him to get in.  He started to make a joke about being under arrest, but thought better of it.

      "I'm gonna need to change." Pyke said as they closed the door and the marshals got in front.  "Been in this flightgear for three hours and it's kinda bulky and heavy to walk around in."

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