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3New Post: Misidentification: Musings and Social Consequences from a Prosopagnosic

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  • Glenn Alperin
    May 30, 2011
      Hi everybody! I just published another entry on my Psychology Today
      blog. This one has been in the works for quite a while due to not
      having sufficient time to work on it as well as my wanting to be
      particularly careful with the topic matter. Something which has always
      fascinated me is when I hear stories about criminal misidentification,
      where an innocent person goes to prison (or worse), largely as a result
      of being misidentified by an eyewitness. It really got me thinking
      about how sometimes, facial recognition difficulties are not just for
      the person with prosopagnosia. Anyway, here is what I wrote. I
      hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to send comments to me directly
      or post them on my blog.