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10New blog entry: Conversations with Zombies

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  • Glenn Alperin
    Sep 22, 2012
      Hello everybody! I just published my latest blog entry, "Conversations
      with Zombies", in which I reflected on some personality traits of mine
      as a person with prosopagnosia. In particular, I talk about why it is
      so difficult for me to say goodbye to people, what happens when I
      unexpectedly encounter social situations in which I have been recognized
      by other people, and how, exactly, I relate to people in the first


      I hope you enjoy my writing. If you have any specific thoughts or
      comments you would like to share about what I have written, please feel
      free to comment on the blog entry itself, or directly back to me.

      Thanks for being interested in what I write, and thanks for reading.

      Glenn Alperin