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Re: [givewell] Re: Structural outline of planned report

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  • Holden Karnofsky
    Thanks for the thoughts. In response to your question: the Detail pages (in the Issues section) are linked to by the Headline and Question pages. Each
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      Thanks for the thoughts.

      In response to your question: the "Detail" pages (in the "Issues" section) are linked to by the "Headline" and "Question" pages.  Each of the bullet points under "Headlines" and "Questions" specifies which "Detail" pages are linked to for support.  "Detail" pages are the footnoted pages that try to give more of a full picture.

      Basic idea: one page with a bunch of blurbs; each blurb links to a page giving a couple key charts and the big-picture overview (Headlines, Questions); each of those links to one or more pages with referenced summaries of relevant research (Detail).

      We should be able to send out samples of some of these pages in the coming weeks (the individual Charity, Intervention, etc. pages - not yet the "main pages" that aggregate the information).

      On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 9:23 PM, psteinx <psteinmeyer@...> wrote:

      I skimmed this kinda quick, and I'm a bit tired, so take it for what
      it's worth:

      I like the starting approach. What Givewell.net has now - a
      reasonably short, punchy 'story' on the front page (bottom left area)
      seems like a good model. For each point - one key sentence/statement,
      then a few sentences of quick support and a clear link to details.

      Hierarchical approaches seem good to me. Putting your basic
      conclusions up front allows readers to skim them and see what you're
      about. For the ones that particularly interest the reader, they can
      click through.

      I don't know what the exact right amount of hierarchy (layers) is,
      BUT, it is important that the reader can follow a continuous set of
      clicks to drill down from high level to low level and eventually to
      strong supporting research, linking where appropriate to academic
      research and the like. You want to make clear that the short
      statements on the front page are not the rambling opinions of a
      blogger, but rather, well researched pieces relying on the best
      readily available information. If a reader checks you on one area and
      finds strong support, they're more likely to accept what you have to
      say on other areas even if they don't drill down for all the details.

      Anyways, back to your proposed structure:

      I didn't quite understand how 'Detail pages' fit in - where are they
      linked from? Again, it may have been explained and I missed it.

      You may already be planning to do so, but you'll probably want to list
      the charities in several ways. From the program side, you'll want to
      link to the relevant charities, but you'll probably want to make a
      list of rated charities of all types directly accessible in some way.

      It's a little hard to visualize what things will look like based on a
      Word document, but from what I can tell it seems like a reasonable start.

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