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94Newly available research and charity reviews on GiveWell.net

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  • Elie Hassenfeld
    May 8, 2009
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      We've completed a few write-ups recently, and though we're not ready to make them entirely public, we'd like to share them with anyone who's interested in reading them. At the moment, they're password protected, so if you'd like to read them, email me and I'll send you the login info.

      Charity reviews:
      • VillageReach - a relatively small organization that aims to increase vaccination coverage by improving logistics for health centers. We are still waiting to speak with VillageReach representatives. We think this organization is very promising.
      • African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control - a Global Health Partnership which funds, monitors and supports river blindness control programs in Africa. We don't think that we'll ultimately recommend this organization.
      Intervention reports:
      • A report on the effectiveness of water supply programs at improving health. 
      • A report on the effectiveness of condom promotion and distribution programs (Population Services International's primary program)
      Failures of aid:
      • The Poverty Action Lab evaluated an HIV/AIDS education program in Kenya and found no impact on HIV infection.
      Let me know if any of these interest you, and I'll send you the information you need to read them.