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N Space Labs, Inc. Launches ‘ADAM’ Automated Data Analysis and Mapping Technolog

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  • benchiles
    N Space Labs today announced the public launch of its Automated Data Mapping and Visualization (ADAM) technology and its new web site at
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
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      N Space Labs today announced the public launch of its Automated Data
      Mapping and Visualization (ADAM) technology and its new web site at
      http://www.NSpaceLabs.com Specializing in easy-to-use interfaces,
      sophisticated statistical analysis and high quality graphic outputs,
      N Space helps to solve the problem of information overload by
      providing innovative custom data mapping services that help
      organizations analyze and distribute critical data quickly.

      From property site selection and regional financial performance
      analysis to voter analysis and land-use depiction, N Space provides
      turnkey solutions, including conceptual design of the desired
      visualization, data acquisition and preparation, and production of
      both static and interactive maps. Our services help to increase
      operational efficiency and optimize managerial decision-making
      through visual intuition.

      Since beginning operations 18 months ago, N Space Labs has provided
      custom business data analysis and mapping services exclusively to the
      Corporate Real Estate Department and Facilities Management
      Consultants at Waste Management Inc., a Fortune 200 corporation, and
      OWP&P, the largest architecture firm in Chicago. N Space Labs has
      now produced more than 2,500 high quality map analyses for these

      Over the past six months, N Space Labs has worked concurrently to
      automate this map making process through the development of the ADAM
      interactive map creation environment. This technology allows N Space
      to produce high-volume high-quality map analyses with unparalleled
      low cost and fast turnaround time. As a direct result, N Space is
      now able to serve additional clients without adding additional staff,
      and is able to pass along significant cost savings to its clients
      relative to other mapping service providers.

      With the unique ADAM capability deployed, N Space is now opening its
      doors to serve new clients in industries in which N Space staff have
      operational experience, including Corporate Real Estate, Retail, Non-
      Governmental Environmental and Political Organizations, Direct
      Marketing, Advertising, and retail Financial Services. In mid-
      October, top New York architecture firm Perkins Eastman signed on as
      the first new client for the ADAM technology. As a direct result of a
      $500 investment in ADAM visualizations, one client altered a real
      estate purchase decision, saving an estimated $1.2M every year.


      N Space Labs, Inc. is a data visualization and software development
      company based in NYC.
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