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Deadline for GISMO Membership, Elections & Nominations is TODAY!!!

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  • Amy Jeu
    Just a reminder that the deadline for nominations for a GISMO President and Board positions is today. Please read the email below for additional details.
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      Just a reminder that the deadline for nominations for a GISMO President and Board positions is today.  Please read the email below for additional details.  Many thanks to those who have already submitted nominations and for your continued participation.





      Amy Jeu

      Geoscience College Laboratory Technician (CLT)

      Department of Geography

      Hunter College, CUNY

      695 Park Avenue, Rm 1046 HN

      New York, NY 10065

      Phone: 212-772-4019

      Fax: 212-772-5268

      Email: ajeu@...



      From: Amy Jeu [mailto:ajeu@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 12:36 PM
      To: 'gismonyc@yahoogroups.com'
      Subject: GISMO Membership, Elections & Nominations


      Dear Members of the New York City – Metro Area Geography, Mapping and Geospatial Community:


      The Geospatial Information Systems and Mapping Organization (GISMO) founded by Jack Eichenbaum in 1990, is the oldest GIS organization in the region. GISMO played an indispensable role in bringing enterprise GIS to NYC and provided invaluable support to the response to 9/11.


      Over the years GISMO has held numerous conferences, meetings, presentations and meet-ups.  All have the goal of advancing the use of GIS, expanding technical knowledge, and enhancing contacts among GIS oriented professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors.


      Since its inception, GISMO has operated without dues, bylaws or elected officers. In order to strengthen our organization GISMO is now about to change. Go to the GISMO website http://www.geography.hunter.cuny.edu/gismo/ and look at the proposed bylaws and the form you can use to nominate someone you know, or yourself, for President or a Board position. Nominations have been open since Monday, February 25th. Following the close of nominations on March 8th, a “Meet the Candidates Night” will be held towards the end of March at which voting will commence.


      To fully participate in the election process and in future GISMO activities it will be necessary for you to pay dues. When you join GISMO you automatically join the NYSGIS Association made up of geography mavens across New York State. To join GISMO and NYSGISA go to the NYSGISA website at www.nysgis.net and follow instructions to become a joint member. On the NYSGISA website you will also find a return on membership calculation (http://www.nysgis.net/member-area/value-of-membership/)  that lays out the benefits of NYSGISA membership. The cost of regular membership is $20 annually. Student membership is $10 annually, and the student rate also applies to those who have retired.


      The value of GISMO was prominently displayed when GISMO veterans joined with Google to sponsor a meeting, held on February 19th, that explored Google’s disaster response capabilities. The meeting was held at Google’s NYC HQ in Chelsea and was attended by more than 175 people. A video of the event will be available soon. Other events like this are being planned for the future.


      Please consider joining GISMO, participating in the election process, and then becoming part of one of the most important and vibrant communities in the region.


      Please feel free to forward this email to any interest parties.  Thank you.



      GISMO By-Laws & Elections Committee 

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