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GISMO Meeting Minutes 2/8/01

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    GISMO Meeting Minutes: February 8th, 2001 Gary Ostroff presided Anne Marie Flatley took Meeting Notes Jack Eichenbaum was the GISMO Greeter and transcribed
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      GISMO Meeting Minutes:  February 8th, 2001

      Gary Ostroff  presided
      Anne Marie Flatley took Meeting Notes
      Jack Eichenbaum was the GISMO Greeter and transcribed New Member information

      1. Next meeting set for April 10th, 2001.  Mr. Mario Merlino of the NYC Dept.
      of Health will present on his office's use of GIS.
      2. New Contact lists were distributed Please correct errors on sign-in list.  
      Especially e-mail addresses!

      Subgroup Announcements:
      Virtual GISMO and listserv are administered  by Noreen Whysel <
      nwhysel@...>   New members get a FAQ list.

      Meeting Notes:
      · Yahoo purchased previous group listserv, which apparently does not work as
      well on AOL or within some city agencies. Some users may want to try to get
      rid of the attachments and choose plain text, to improve use of the listserv.
      · Membership for the sole purpose of posting commercial messages is

      Recent Meetings:
      1. NYC OASIS 11/20/00 and 12/4/00.  Draft website at <http://www.oasisnyc.net>
      2. NY/NJ I-Team in White Plains 11/28
      3. NYC Technology Forum at Brooklyn Marriott 10/17-18
      4. National Forum on Advanced GIS Applications, Brooklyn 10/26-27
      5. Student Mapping Project

      Meeting Notes:
      · OASIS - Open Space Access Information System - goal is to map parks,
      community gardens and vacant land. Currently includes photo quads, COGIS and
      RPAD data. End of February is the launch. There may be the potential to add
      Army Corps of Engineers data.
      · NY/NJ I-Team in White Plains 11/28 - next meeting scheduled for 2/28/2001
      (1-4PM at 290 Broadway, Room 27D (Federal Building) between Duane and Reade
      Streets). This is an effort  to bring all government GIS in New York and New
      Jersey together to share and build regional data sets. Plangraphics is
      working on four main areas - Public Safety, Environmental, Health, and
      Transportation - to bring actors together in order to save money and
      coordinate efforts. NJ Mapping Advisory Committee - have metadata down to the
      community level for all of New Jersey. (Connecticut can also be included.)
      · Student Mapping Project - update from Al Leidner - there was a meeting at
      Oracle, Thursday February 8th with the Knowledge Project, Al, Oracle, Board
      of Education representatives and teachers. Discussed proposal to about 20
      teachers showing them how GIS can be used in the classroom for all sorts of
      subjects such as math, geography, etc. Discussed some of the obstacles to
      training teachers such as finding the time and training facilities. (For more
      information contact Meg Hunnewell  <Mhunnewell@...>)

      Upcoming Meetings:

      The Data Connection XI:  Bringing Together Producers and Users of Data
      Thursday, March 8, 2001 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
      CUNY Graduate School & University Center
      365 Fifth Avenue & 34th Street, New York, NY 10016

      The MapInfo New York Office is sponsoring a series of free seminars and user
      groups related to their products. For more information call 212-244-0280

      Meeting Notes:
      · The Data Connection - ESRI will demonstrate the new ArcGIS desktop system
      at the "Software Development" Session at 10:45 AM.
      · MapInfo - starting up NYC user groups in utilities, public safety, etc. -
      contact office
      · U.S. Census - revised schedule will be posted on listserv
      · ESRI - sponsoring new ArcGIS product seminar March 8th at the Marriott East
      Side (free lunch), register on-line at www.esri.com


      1. New developments in the NYC Base Map (NYCMap) cf. New Yorker article Nov.
      6, 2000, p. 54.  News on licensing and availability?
      2. Other GISMO issues to push with the Steering Committee or DOITT?

      Meeting Notes:
      · Al Leidner - NYC Base Map - completed with Plangraphics. Will re-fly
      Manhattan, Staten Island, and parts of Brooklyn and Queens to refresh maps,
      compile more data on parks, and generate true orthos for Manhattan and
      buildings above six stories.
      · April - Department of City Planning will release conflated COGIS and LION
      files. NYCMAP CDs will be reissued to include LION and COGIS and will also
      include a price increase.
      · DEP - has issued 2 RFPs for sewer and alignment
      · DOITT - Every map in development to be released - 15 base map layers with
      ortho accessible through a browser.
      · Questions:
      - Brownfield locations - try Mayor's Office of Environmental Coordination
      - Wetlands in Staten Island - try NYS DEC
      - Commercial partner to make LION a true routing file - looking at Navtech,
      ETAK, and GDT, possibly by end of summer
      - Rodent Map
      - Pratt Institute - study of manufacturing on residential areas - Pratt
      should call Al for the base map
      · Issues to Push
      - Pierhead and Bulkhead lines based on actual surveys by Army Corps of
      Engineers - need to be digitized/scanned to local coordinates and then added
      to LION file or Base Map
      - Base Map needs to be a "real" public utility and made more open
      - Add more layers such as train tunnels - issues of security

      GISMO:  Meet New Members:

      Margaret Smith teaches in the Law and Police Science Department at John Jay
      College (CUNY) and was the speaker at the 2/08/01 meeting (see below). Among
      other interests, she has developed GIS applications in criminal justice.  
      212-237-8033  mlsjj@...

      Michael Blum is a colleague of June Link, working at MapText Inc. out of
      Plainsboro, NJ.   606-716-7552  michael.baum@...   

      Beverly Willis is President and Director of the Architecture Research
      Institute. She is looking at ways to use GIS in architectural research and
      city planning issues.  212-725-7200  bevwillis@...

      Tatiana Bravo has worked with GIS in Quito, Ecuador and is looking for work
      or internships in the New York City area.  718-548-4462  tatcbg@...

      Ivan B. Schonfeld is with the Transportation and Land Use Unit of the Staten
      Island Borough President's Office.

      Theresa A. Saguros is with the Parsons Transportation Group and is largely
      concerned with map management and maintenance with respect to planning and
      construction. 212-266-8576  Theresa.Saguros@...
      GISMO members with New Jobs:

      David Bowen is now part of the PlanGraphics team out of Silver Spring Md,
      helping to develop the NYC GIS base map. 717-687-3844  dbowen@...

      C. Peter Goslett has moved to the Queens Borough Commissioner's Office of the
      NYC Dept.of Transportation in Long Island City.  718-391-2719  

      New GISMO member-by-mail

      Gillian Woolmer is the GIS analyst for the Wildlife Conservation Society
      based at the Bronx Zoo. With a  background in Geology and GIS, she hopes to
      develop a closer relationship with the GIS community in the city through
      GISMO. 718-220-5156   gwoolmer@...

      Program:  Slideshow and discussion led by Ms. Margaret Leland Smith
      of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY).

      Meeting Notes:
      · John Jay College of Criminal Justice - 10,000 students, require courses in
      computer technology which includes GIS - primarily ArcView and Spatial
      Analyst (CUNY site license)
      · Sex Offender Tracking - New York City contracted with John Jay to do a
      needs assessment to set up a tracking system for 3,000 registered sex
      offenders of varying levels with GIS as the essential tool. An interagency
      task force will manage program. Some of the issues include: privacy, agency
      coordination, and planning for supervision and treatment. Proximity analysis
      is performed using GIS to determine where offenders are in order to try to
      minimize risk.
      · Recent Research Results:
      - Carnegie Mellon - there may be no evidence or connection to soft crime as a
      leading indicator of crime
      - University of Texas - Austin, TX - control of disorder may not be related
      to major crimes
      - Issues with these results - time or length of study, and public order
      offending is difficult to find active element
      · Over the past ten years, police departments have started using GIS with the
      support of the National Institute of Justice.

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