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Gale A. Brewer E-News March 31, 2005

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  • Gale A. Brewer
    Dear Friends: Enclosed is material that might be of interest to you. It is sent from my home computer. Best regards, Gale Committee on Technology in Government
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      Dear Friends:


      Enclosed is material that might be of interest to you. It is sent from my home computer.


      Best regards, Gale


      Committee on Technology in Government

      Here's an update on some of the recent activities of the Committee on Technology in Government of the New York City Council:


      Broadband Gap / Digital Divide:  As most of you already know, the Committee held a hearing on the "broadband gap" in Brooklyn on January 10.  Since the last e-mail, we received more press on the hearing.  For all of you who could not make the hearing, I am attaching links to the hearing briefing paper as well as the additional press that the hearing received. 

      The hearing briefing paper: http://webdocs.nyccouncil.info/attachments/64367.htm

      This briefing paper talks about the reasons why the broadband gap in New York City exists, compares various broadband technologies in terms of price, speed and feasibility, and lays out possible policies that the City of New York could adopt to close the broadband gap.  Please feel free to distribute.

      Gotham Gazette: http://www.gothamgazette.com/article/tech/20050121/19/1293

      Thanks to Laura Forlano for writing about our hearings.)

      Ben Smith's Blog, the Politicker, on the New York Observer website:  http://www.observer.com/thepoliticker/politicker.html

      Use the find command in your browser and go to the post entitled "E-Credit Where Credit is Due."  In particular, read the first comment to the post.  (Thanks to Ben Smith for blogging about this subject.)

      Government Technology: http://www.govtech.net/magazine/channel_story.php?channel==7&id=�807

      Wiring New Affordable Housing for Broadband:  The Committee passed Reso. No. 669 (http://webdocs.nyccouncil.info/textfiles/Res%200669-2004.htm

      4-0 at the Jan. 28 hearing.  On Feb. 2, the New York City Council unanimously passed Reso. No. 669.  Reso. No. 669 calls “upon all relevant City agencies to use their funding and regulatory power to support and encourage the provision of affordable high-speed Internet service and computer purchases for the benefit of residents of affordable housing.”




          The following is a list of our hearings.  Please note that all Committee hearings are open to the general public.  No RSVP is necessary.


      On WNYC-TV   Hearing was held in February 2005. Go to site to see briefing paper. Your ideas are always welcome. Issues to discuss:

      How could the actual TV broadcast of Council 51 be changed to make it more informative and interesting for viewers?

      How could Council 51 be made more interactive?  How could City websites (e.g., NYC.gov (www.nyc.gov) and the New York City Council website (www.nyccouncil.info)) be used in conjunction with Council 51 to make city government proceedings more accessible to the residents of NYC?


      What other kinds of government-related programming could be added to NYC-TV to make New York City government more transparent and open?



      On Monday, February 28, 2005 at 10 AM , 14th Floor Hearing Room, 250 Broadway, the Committee on Technology in Government held a second hearing on Int. No. 422.  For more information, go to the attached link. The resolution passed.:  http://webdocs.nyccouncil.info/attachments/63115.htm



      The hearing on April 7 will discuss the anticipated paper on broadband to be released by the NYC Economic Development Corporation. (Contact us to confirm date)


      The Committee has a web page.


      All briefing papers from the current session (beginning in January 2004) are available.



      Bruce Lai


      Bruce Lai

      Legislative Policy Analyst, Committee on Technology in Government

      New York City Council

      250 Broadway, 14th Floor

      New York , NY 10007

      Work: 212.788.9109

      Fax: 212.788.9168

      E-mail: bruce.lai@...


      Gale A. Brewer

      29 West 95 Street

      New York, NY 10025

      h. 212-749-0330

      f.  212-749-0340

      cell 917-881-3375





      Hon. Gale A. Brewer

      City Council, 6th District

      563 Columbus Avenue

      New York, NY 10024

      tel  212-873-0282

      fax 212-873-0279 




      Hon. Gale A. Brewer

      City Council, 6th District

      250 Broadway, Room 1744

      New York, NY 10007

      tel  212-788-6975

      fax 212-513-7717



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