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Re: Gor Urban Legend

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  • Richard Hoaglund
    ... I d believe that of Gor, but not Dune. Of course, there are those Dune sequelae.... Cerrberus
    Message 1 of 35 , Sep 5, 2003
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      > Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 20:50:27 -0000
      > From: "H Lynnea Johnson" <SisterOfWar@...>
      >--- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, Debbie <lioness@m...> wrote:
      > > Could y'all answer a question that's been bugging me since 1976?
      >My Gifted
      > > Ed teacher told us a story about a guy who boasted he could take
      >all the
      > > worst, most hackneyed and threadbare plot devices and the most
      > > stereotypes ever, throw them into the worst science fiction novel
      >of all
      > > time, and sell it. His buddies didn't believe him, he wrote it,
      >sold it,
      > > and then sold several sequels. My teacher wouldn't tell us which
      >one it
      > > was, claiming he didn't want to be sued for slander, although we
      > > sadism was the real reason. That was Gor, wasn't it?
      >Well, I'd heard the same rumor in refernce to the Dune novels, so I'd
      >have to say that this seems to be Urban Legend.

      I'd believe that of Gor, but not Dune.
      Of course, there are those "Dune" sequelae....

    • Elizabeth McCoy
      ... Hmmm... No, it d be Mad Mental Science in that case, and I m not sure it s particularly _Sparky_ that way. I mean, the most Sparky thing would be the
      Message 35 of 35 , Sep 12, 2003
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        At 1:47 PM -0500 9/11/03, Joshua Kronengold wrote:
        >Elizabeth McCoy writes:
        >>of the time, etc., etc., etc. None of which I believe most sensible people
        >>today agree with. _I_ don't agree with all of the things _my_ Church does,
        >It's arguable that Scientology is a form of Mad Science (or, for that
        >matter, that Hubbards creating of it out of whole cloth was
        >sociological Mad Science), and therefore on-topic. :)

        Hmmm... No, it'd be Mad Mental Science in that case, and I'm not
        sure it's particularly _Sparky_ that way. I mean, the most Sparky
        thing would be the E-meters, which are really just a crude/sophisticated
        (depending on whom you ask) variant of a lie-detector.

        Now, if you have Mad ScientSparks creating the Postbio-Supremacy machine,
        changing people (temporarily, probably) into copies of their bodies in
        past lives -- THERE'S some mad science. Especially if they get non-human
        bodies for the duration. Though you do have to watch out for the times
        when someone was taking a break as a tree...

        I think I'm getting Foglio-art images here. *giggle*

        >>I can only dream of a Girl Genius RPG so I can crossover it
        >>with IN. *evil smirk*
        >Can only dream? Would you, per chance, have any inside information on
        >this topic?

        I _wish_. Man, I wish... But I sure _hope._ (Jean, Archangel of LIGHTNING!
        Vapula, Demon Prince of STEAM! Er...)


        >You're quite right, of course, to point out that
        >Scientology-the-religon, as practiced by self-identifying
        >Scientologists, is a very different concept from
        >Scientology-the-church (sizable portions of which have demonstrated
        >some major flaws and evilness).

        (Amen. And silent sizable portions of which are just fine -- my mom's taken
        many a course, and I haven't noticed her putting on the white
        stormtrooper armor... Humans are humans, and some of them... Grrrrrrrrrr.)

        --Beth, arcangel@... / archangel@... In Nomine Line Editor
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