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Phil Foglio Gallimaufry Updated

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  • High Priest of Slag-Blah
    Greetings, Fellow Foglio Fans, At long last I ve got around to updating my home page The Slag-Blah Church of The Winslow , and more particularly I ve updated
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2003
      Greetings, Fellow Foglio Fans,

      At long last I've got around to updating my home page "The Slag-Blah
      Church of The Winslow", and more particularly I've updated "The Phil
      Foglio Gallimaufry", which is my attempt to produce a detailed list of
      all the published work done by Phil over the years.

      As the list continues to grow it has now been broken down into more
      sub-sections to aid you in finding what you're after, as well as keeping
      page-load speeds sensible for modem users. I've also had to drop the
      size & quality of the cover images for the same reason.

      The following link will take you straight to the Gallimaufry
      introduction page:


      Or you can go to the main entrance and follow the links:


      I'm feeling pretty confident these days that I've got almost everything
      covered, excluding obscure Fanzines. Might almost be time to move on to
      cataloguing Kaja's work as well! Please let me know if you spot any
      errors or omissions.

      High Priest of Slag-Blah
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