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  • khedges1
    Greetings, Finally I ve delurked, to post my Halloween costume photos of Agatha in the Brand New photo album called Costuming . So who else did GG costumes
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2002

      Finally I've delurked, to post my Halloween costume photos of
      Agatha in the Brand New photo album called "Costuming".

      So who else did GG costumes for Halloween? Got photos?
      Post 'em! (If anyone's interested, I can post my Heterodyne
      trilobite graphic and "Annual Symposium Participant" badge
      from TPU in the Files area, in MS Word or PDF format.)

      This was entirely a "from the wardrobe" costume, right down to
      the boots that don't show in the photos.

      Yes, I've used the mill (with my goggles down); no, I don't know
      what the blob instrument measures except it seems to need
      insulation to do it.

      Oddly enough, I was a bigger hit in Physical Sciences than
      Engineering. Engineering doesn't grok Halloween. Although I
      had a "dueling realities" conversation with a pirate at the party
      who turned out to be an EE grad student. He was talking about
      raiding Caribbean islands...
      "Those are near the Americas, aren't they?"
      "Arrrr... that they be."
      "So, are you diving for undersea treasure?"
      "No, we be boarding Spanish galleons. Spain discovered
      America, y'see, and has all this gold, so we take it from them."
      "I wonder if the Baron has heard about this yet?"
      Then we wandered off into climate, pirate tactics, and the Pax

      I did my part to promote GG around campus by carrying
      a copy of Issue One and the Secret Blueprints to show people
      my costume source. The comic store across the street won't
      carry anything but the hardcover collection, but I visited them
      anyhow. A few of my friends are interested in reading it...

      Good to hear recently when Issue Eight is due. (Thanks, Kaja!)
      Although I shall have to wait until after finals and the December
      14 Chemistry GRE.


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