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9297Artistic License (or Re: [Girl Genius] The mostrousness of the horse.)

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  • pmaclanderson
    May 1 9:18 AM
      And I thought concluding that it "learned" fire from Lars's torch was

      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "gizmo_tinkerer"
      <Cyb0Au0Dragon215@A...> wrote:

      > The spikes are acutally crystallized sunspots used to collect
      > phlogiston for its flaming breath. By utilizing the phlogiston
      > absorption properties it makes the collectors invisible to normal
      > sight. The appearance of the collectors reveals the switching
      > to "release" instead of "collect". The phlogiston is then ignited
      > the ejection of a small, white hot, diamond from the head orifice.
      > Note the crystallized zephyrs that appear to be ribs. They are
      > to collect spirits from the air, thus allowing it to sneak up on
      > prey. With the loss of its "head", the creature used them to
      > micro-vortex-tornadoes like tentacles to grab Zeetha.
      > -Gizmo
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