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  • god
    May 28, 2014
      On 5/28/2014 08:23, Douglas LeBlanc dougleblanc@... [girlgenius]
      > __. Did you mean the "Other" Baron, given that the elder Baron's
      > instructions were for the staff to immediately address Gil as
      > "Baron"

      not in the way that you seem to be implying... since the rest of the
      European royalty is such a stickler for protocol, once Klaus was stuck
      in the time-bubble and effectively "dead", Gil IMMEDIATELY inherited the
      TITLE of "Baron Wulfenbach"... though it was preempted a bit by Klaus
      being in the hospital after the circus steamrolled him and when he came
      out of it after being "found" it just kinda stuck... that's not what
      we're saying.

      what we are implying, at least, in THIS instance anyway, is that Gil is
      trying to resist the effects of "The Baron" that is stuck inside his
      skull with him, (ie. his father's mind imprint)... you did notice that
      on at least two occasions, it was noted by third parties that those
      people know that he is now a functioning schizophrenic...
      here in panel 5:

      and here in the last panel:

      and I'm sure that if it was left to Klaus's word, if he wasn't being
      countered by Gil, that Mechanicsburg and the surrounding countryside,
      would have been frozen, crumpled, burned up, melted down, and otherwise
      eliminated with extreme prejudice, even AFTER having been
      time-bubbled... all because he THOUGHT that Agatha (The Other) was STILL
      INSIDE the limits of the Time-Bomb...
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