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79028Re: [Girl Genius] Re: I, wait.. what?

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  • god
    May 16, 2014
      On 5/16/2014 12:39, charpoketron@... [girlgenius] wrote:

      > Anyway back to my original theory. V is testing her aunt to see if
      > she spots any strange behavior no doubt. Certain mannerisms become
      > more apparent when someone is given interesting news or triggers for
      > said news. Like its the information they wanted to hear but did not
      > want to show it. As a smoke knight V no doubt can read peoples
      > movements to the slightest twitch. However to keep from rousing
      > suspicion she acted dumbfounded by Margies own statement.
      > Observation is a key element going on here it seems. We have a master
      > spy from England and a highly skilled assassin / spy in the room +
      > krosp. Surely the two of them can watch Margie should she attempt to
      > send some sort of message or signal.

      for me... i think she's ALSO testing WOOSTER! he did NOT come thru the
      portal and can therefore be vouched for, but has been in an unknown
      state of activity for the last 2.5 years... and his behavior at seeing
      Agatha in a towel doesn't jibe with him being all calm, cool and
      collected (the mark of a perfect butler) up on Castle Wulfenbach when
      seeing her in her pj's and all that, when she was still the "girlfriend"
      of Von Zinzer... i think he's been Wasped and this is how The Other
      THINKS he would/should have reacted, so that's what he's doing now...
      it's a tossup for Zeetha though, since she's spent that time with the
      Jaegers and possibly all the wasp weasels that were rescued, I'm
      hoping/assuming that at least a few were outside the sphere of influence
      of the time-bubble for them to continue to breed up their numbers, and
      that she's safe... only time (and the Phoglio's) will tell...
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