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78909Re: [Girl Genius] RE: So, the possession thing...

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  • Mary Lumsden
    Jan 2, 2014
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      Remember too, we have no idea how this type of wasp works with sparks.

      The madness might reduce the hold or other things and we do not know what protections he had in place.

      On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 10:22 PM, <quasar973@...> wrote:

      Well, yes, but presumably Lucrezia doesn't have to be there all the time in order to control Klaus. I think she will have given him long-term orders, which he has no choice but to obey even when she is not there. But I think the Klaus-copy is not subject to such obedience.

      ---In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, <yngfoel@...> wrote:

      First of all, that Klaus is wasped only matters if Lucrezia is around somewhere to give him orders. There was a significant amount of time after Klaus got wasped at the time of the circus battle, when he still did everything he could to fight her. The turning point came when Lucrezia, in the form of the Anevka clank, found him in the hospital.

      Then the hospital was attacked, and Klaus was believed dead for a while. When he turned up alive, there was no sign that he was under anybody's spell at all. We keep trying to interpret his actions in the light of him acting under Lucrezia's orders, but we haven't actually seen that. There's been no sign of Lucrezia since then, either impersonating Anevka or anywhere else.

      I think *something* is going on that the Foglios haven't told us about. Something important happened while Klaus was missing, and we don't know what.


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