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78743Re: Re: [Girl Genius] Timeliness

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  • William Ansley
    Oct 15 8:05 PM
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      On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 10:23 PM, <spottedkittyuk@...> wrote:

      They aren't typoes, they're mismatched-encoding errors. If I switch my browser view encoding to Western (MacRoman) the proper characters show up. The pages are actually encoded for Western (Windows-1252) according to my page info.

      I realized that what I was calling typos were encoding errors, but I was trying to be brief and non-technical. I will gladly admit I don't have your level of expertise, so I didn't know what the exact problem was.

      However, that doesn't explain away the broken link, which *is* caused by a typo. I don't know whether Kaja was in a hurry, was using a different computer system or software than usual, or whether someone else did this update, but something out of the ordinary seems to have happened, since I have never seen this kind of problem with the big, giant table of contents menu updates before.

      By the way, as a navigation system, this enormous menu has long since ceased to be convenient to use. I hope the promised website redesign replaces it with something a little more granular.

      William Ansley

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