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  • deansurkin
    Oct 15 2:08 PM
      I read that Niven story years ago. The invention was, IIRC, the opposite of a stasis field, because the person inside the field experienced time running faster than on the outside. Gil was chasing a criminal who had broken his arm during the escape, but when he caught up with the inventor, the inventor did not have a broken arm. Gil, using his psychic "arm" was able to determine that the inventor had broken his arm 6 months ago, and it was healed. The inventor hid in his stasis field overnight, experiencing six months of healing.

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      It can't be a "five year" timer, either. It takes a real dumb person to put the shutoff timer on a stasis field inside the field.


      One of Larry Niven's "Gil the ARM" short stories dealt with the inventor of a stasis field. (No, not our Gil.)

      A couple of other things I'm wondering; Punch is here, but where's Judy? And there was a hidden J├Ągergeneral, I thought at first it might have been Dimo, but apparently not.

      Let's see what happens on the next few pages...

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