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78719RE: Are the Hunters hunted?

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  • mithorond
    Oct 9, 2013

      In part, you're right... keeping Agatha away from Gil is a priority.

      However, I suspect the biggest priority is re-uniting the Heir with the Castle.

      In terms of the overall story, the current state of Mechanicsburg, and the Castle is the key reveal.

      That barrier wall they just punched thru wasn't there just for show...

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      The Jaegers seem to be in an awfully big hurry.
      I get the general impression that it just isn't safe anywhere. Nobody seems to want  to stay out any longer than they need to. Wednesday's page confirms that they are really worried about Gil showing up, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's hunting Jaegermonsters. They probably just know he'll be coming after Agatha. On top of that, THEY found Agatha. They'll be in a big hurry to get them back to the Generals too.
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