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78716RE: Gil may have lost it.

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  • queen_librarian
    Oct 5, 2013
      On Oct 4, 2013, at 2:48 PM, William Ansley <williamansley@...> wrote:


      [snip] Mass production shouldn't even work in the Girl Genius universe if humans (or robots) who work the assembly line don't have the spark. They shouldn't be able to build these physics defying devices.


      [Quote attribution doesn't seem to be working correctly with messages from the GIrl Genius Yahoo group these days.]

      Correction: mass production of devices only Sparks can build should not be possible in the Girl Genius universe, which I realized is what you actually meant to say. However, Agatha's dingbots have the Spark and can build more dingbots (which are physics-defying devices). With the dingbots, the Spark dies out after a few generations, so they can't self replicate indefinitely. (Which is a good thing, or there would be no devices but dingbots in the Girl Genius universe.)

      But Gil is a very strong Spark, who may have inherited his father's gift of synthesis. Perhaps Gil was able to build a machine with the Spark - an assembly-line clank to stand in for him to construct as many of his "sentry clanks" as needed. This would be a very powerful technology to give him an advantage over other Sparks who have to make everything themselves, or at least, take care of the final, vital steps in any construction process personally.

      William Ansley

      ---In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, <joleenwhite@...> wrote: Hmm, especially since he already knows that it is possible to create a machine with the spark.


      All of you are ignoring one of the simplest answers--Gil's been burning the candle at both ends, between his Sparky workshop and presumably running the empire.  He was flung into it, no warning, and trying to do it all like that can be draining on morale, spirit, & energy.  Plus: it has been 2 years (or 2.5?), plenty of time to get a large army of clanks up.

      The notion of a partial assembly line is also possible, with Gil finishing each of them off--and it doesn't exclude option 1. Engineers can follow blueprints; minion/engineers have been known to repair clanks, yes? (see von Zinsner and the professors in book 1, even if the machine was bunk) Gil may have suborned Agatha's minions and/or Mechanicsburg (even maybe Der Kastle?) itself, depending on what happened to the town, giving him plenty of hands able for the work. Plus: it has been 2 years (or 2.5?), plenty of time to get a large army of clanks up. 

      I don't know about Gil building Sparky clanks--that may be some aspect of Heterodyning only Agatha can do.

      Personally, I find it more interesting that the general color scheme is much the same as the ones in Tweedle's hideaway: white & gold.  I doubt it's for camouflage! (and here the simplest answer is probably NOT the right one!)

      (I moved stuff around so I could bottom-post, but I don't know if I did it right.  My apologies, if not)
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