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78178Girl Genius Adventures and Girl Genius Color Omnibus #2 news - of a sort

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  • William Ansley
    Apr 3, 2013
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      Phil and Kaja Foglio have moved the Studio News (that used to be a section
      the Girl Genius web site) and their blogs to a new WordPress-powered
      website, Girl Genius Adventures. By all means, check it out; there is some
      great stuff there.


      The posts they make to this web site are apparently automatically echoed to
      the Girl Genius Comic Facebook page. If the Foglios would just stick to
      using this system, it would be great because then I could refer to any of
      their recent posts with a nice simple link. But (for what I am sure are
      very good reasons) both Phil and Kaja have posted directly to Facebook
      recently. Since you can't see these posts without joining Facebook, and
      because I know some people don't want to join Facebook (which I completely
      understand), I am going to quote at length from one of Phil's recent
      Facebook posts where he tries to answer the question, "When is the next
      color omnibus coming out?"

      When is the second Omnibus coming out from TOR? Funny story there; No one
      knows. They won't even tell us if they want the second one or not. We have
      no actual proof that anyone above the rank of secretary is actually still
      employed there. We didn't know this when we signed on, but apparently TOR
      Books is famous for never answering e-mails, letters, or phone calls, and
      if you show up at their office, they turn all the lights off and pretend no
      one is there. Naturally, I was pretty alarmed when this happened to my
      agent, but since then he has found out that there's nothing personal about
      it, they do this to every writer who is not currently on the New York Times
      Bestseller List.

      Why do they do this? No one will say. Perhaps its some sort of hazing
      ritual new authors are put through. Personally, I believe it's a giant
      publishing sociological experiment, in which we have to "Earn their love"
      by selling enough books through our own efforts that they deign to talk to
      you. I think this is rather mean. If you do too, then you can help.

      If you're at a convention, or at a party, or even just at the supermarket
      and you see someone who works for TOR? Give them a light slap and say
      "Answer your mail". That's all. Nothing crippling, don't make a big deal
      out of it, just remind them that there are real people who are suffering
      for their selfish actions and then walk away. If they get mad, tell them
      its a sociological experiment, and thus� For Science!

      I certainly hope TOR does decide to continue the color omnibus series. In
      my opinion it would help the sales of Girl Genius tremendously to have a
      more affordable way to read the series in print--and in hardcover, too! (On
      Amazon.com for example, buying the Girl Genius paperback volumes 1, 2, and
      3 published by the Foglios costs well over twice as much as buying the
      first color omnibus in hardcover.) Of course you don't get the extra
      stories with the omnibus edition, but I think a lot of people would still
      prefer to save the money.

      So if any of you know TOR employees, start slapping!

      William Ansley

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