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780Nothing but the Tooth

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  • tomreedtoon
    Mar 11, 2002
      --- In girlgenius@y..., "m_randalt" <m_randalt@y...> wrote:
      > I wonder if the Mads of Agatha's
      > world even bother with fillings, or just grow another set of teeth!

      > Like sharks or dinosaurs.

      Well, in our world (up to around 1920 or so...any dentists out there
      could contribute the real date) there were no fillings. If you had a
      cavity, you waited until it started hurting, then you pulled the
      tooth. When you lost enough teeth, they'd pull them all and give you
      dentures made of ivory.

      It took them that long to come up with an amalgam (which I take it to
      be a combination of low melting-point metals) that you could pour into
      a tooth cavity without killing the patient. There wasn't much chance
      to prevent cavities, since toothbrushes weren't common and toothpaste
      was nonexistant.

      And if you're thinking that mercury fillings are bad...well, I once
      had a dentist (who later got his license lifted for malpractice) who
      gave me all plastic fillings, saying they'd look natural. Sure did,
      until the fillings (which he didn't tell me were temporary, but
      charged as if they were permanent) started leaking, and I ended up a
      few years later with a whole lot of root canals. Thanks, Doctor (name
      deleted for legal reasons).

      My feeling? In the Girl Genius Universe, someone has devised a way to
      pull teeth with cavities, quickly cast solid gold replacements, and
      plant them in the jaw within fifteen minutes. For a little longer wait
      they might be baked with a white enamel to look natural. Of course,
      like most machines in the GGU, the Molar-Matic is only used by a few
      Sparks, so the common people simply have a lot of gaps in their
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