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77664Re: What is the "Something Else Goink On"

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  • jim_learned
    Nov 2, 2012
      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, gadgetdon@... wrote:
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      > GO!
      > OK,This is extreme overkill. Who is responsible and why?
      > Got three theories, and not really sure which.
      > Lucrezia in the clank body. She's clearly a lady who likes a big spectacle, with lots of noise and boom and running around screaming. And if there's any Anevka influence seeping in from the body, well, this would be a great scene for an opera. The goal is to flatten Mechanicsburg and kill everyone inside, take revenge on the Knights of Jove who failed her, and destroy whatever is left of the castle (which as you'll recall scared her silly when it was suggested that Agatha was on her way there).
      > Zola a.k.a. Pinky. Same impulse, and she's got even more reason to want everyone and particularly that castle DEAD. Lucrezia just has to worry about revealed to the good guys. Zola has to make sure that Lucrezia doesn't know that she's in control.
      > The Baron. If the Baron ordered it, there are devious reasons. One possibility is a self-destruct of the Empire. He's known what the Castle can do for years, even while he was with the Heterodyne Boys, and may believe that the Castle can win. Even without the deus ex machina of the Castle, all the various effects of all the various types of clanks and monsters may interact badly. Why would he want the Empire to self-destruct? The anarchy he returned to, bad as it was, wouldn't be as bad as the Empire under the control of the Other - so by pulling his forces away from everywhere, it's begging for revolutions to start everywhere. He may also think that, as Clank Lucrezia is trying to deal with all the revolutions, she'll be distracted enough he'll be able to take some action. After all, Gil was captured with a subversive book of lab notes on him - surely the Baron would have read them. He may just need a few days uninterrupted in the lab to free himself.
      > Or - the biggest distraction play ever. Every eye is now focused on the battlefield. Even the Baron's forces would know this is where things are happening, and surely Lucrezia and Zola are watching with rapt attention as they're about to see a big spectacle and their fondest hopes realized (Castle destroyed, everyone who knows their secrets dead). So what can a devious mind like the Baron do with all that attention on one spot? Well, I always thought that the stupid attacks might be a form of trojan horse, the defeated monsters and clanks being brought into the castle. Perhaps some were playing possum and ready to show their true power, perhaps some are literal trojan horses with forces ready. Or perhaps the Baron is wanting to accomplish something (lab work? Somehow get a message to Boris? free Gil?) that Lucrezia would clearly order him not to do.
      > I think I'm going for distraction play, but not sure what. In any case - Agatha, don't get distracted, remember that the Castle needs a spark, give it a big one.

      My theory: The Baron is planning to confront the Other once and for all. Then he would need that big army, DK intact, escaped Gil, and all the rest. The wasp wouldn't matter if he defeats the Other in a final battle. I'm still wondering what Higgs is doing right now...
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