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77151Re: [Girl Genius] Re: Friday June 1

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  • Donald Brown
    Jun 1, 2012
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      On 6/1/12 7:34 AM, William Ansley wrote:
      > "Wasp eaters" is just another name for what are commonly referred to as the
      > wasp weasels. It what the members of the Vespiary Squad (aka wasp hunters;
      > in other words the guys on the crashed airship in today's page of Girl
      > Genius) call the weasels. I can't give you a reference page right now, but
      > it is in comic and/or novels somewhere.
      It's in the section "DuPree is Brought Up To Speed"


      And it is fairly obvious (well, in retrospect) - if there's one thing
      Lucrezia does NOT want around, it's something that alerts when someone
      is wasped. So she had Klaus create some weasels to shriek on command
      (identifying Gil and perhaps others as wasped), and get the real weasels
      and their handlers disposed of.
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