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7656Re: [Girl Genius] The Villainous Klaus von Wulfenbach

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  • M Ondercin
    Dec 16, 2004
      At 06:48 AM 11/26/2004, you wrote:
      > > Does this scenario make sense to anyone else? (And
      > > does anyone know how
      > > familiar the Foglio's are with Machiavelli?)
      > >
      > > Jefferson
      > > http://www.picotech.net/~jeff_wilson63/rpg/
      > >
      >Thats a good question....another good question is how
      >familiar KLAUS is with Machiavelli. I've been
      >re-reading his works myself lately and it's gotten me
      >thinking about how Klaus is being (or ALLOWING himself
      >to be ) viewed by the population.

      I'm not currently conversant with my Machiavelli, but I have noted that
      it seems like Klaus cares very little if at all if he's liked. At times it
      does seem like he is setting himself up to be hated, perhaps that is the case?



      M. Ondercin
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